Choose eyewear for your face shape

21-07-19 20:15:00产品知识BY ADMIN

 A suitable eyewear can not only make the vision clearer but also increase the aesthetics. But did you know, the choice of eyewear is also very particular. Different face shape have different tips and methods for choosing eyewear. A pair of suitable eyewear can set off the best side of a person. On the contrary, a pair of eyewear that are contrary to your age, temperament, hairstyle, and skin tone will have the opposite effect and may make you look bad. eyewear can not only assist myopia, but also modify the face shape. So, how to choose eyewear for your face shape?

Choose eyewear for your face shape 1: If you are a oval face, you should keep in mind your head size however, as small glasses are better for small faces and big glasses for bigger faces. Style suggestion: Try to experiment with contrasting geometric shapes such as squares eyewear which will enhance the soft curves of your face. Below is a picture of a pair of acetate sunglasses with metal parts.
Acetate eyewear with squares shapes
Choose eyewear for your face shape 2: Round faces have soft features and the geometric angles of a square or rectangular frame adds sharpness to your features. Wide styles broader than the broadest part of your face add length making your face appear thinner. Frames with high temples also work well drawing attention to the top of the face. 
Acetate sunglasses with metal parts for round faces
Choose eyewear for your face shape 3: You have a big jaw line, a broad forehead and wide cheekbones. Your sunglasses should offset these features with curves to reduce the angularity and high temples to draw attention away from your jaw line. Oval, round and curved shapes work well for you. 
Lamination acetate eyewear with cat shape
Choose eyewear for your face shape 4: You have a face that is longer than it is wide and it would be best to wear glasses that are tall and wide to make your face look shorter and wider. Decorative temples add further width to your face. Style suggestion: Round, Squarish butterfly. 
Metal sunglasses with round shape for longer face
Choose eyewear for your face shape 5: haracterized by a narrow jaw line you should wear frames that emphasize the upper portion on your face. Semi –rimless and styles with a straight or upwardly curved top line and narrower bottoms are most suitable to your face. 
Acetate&Metal eyewear for narrow jaw faces
When you buy eyewear, you can also listen to your friends' opinions. They will tell you whether wearing these eyewear makes you more beautiful. You can also listen to the opinions of the salesperson, provide suitable eyewear for your reference. Of course, the most important thing is to ask yourself, choosing what you like is the most important, right? Eyewear made of different materials have different weights and characteristics. For example, if you want to buy a pair of sunglasses, and you want light ones, then you are more suitable to choose titanium eyewear and aluminium eyewear, because acetate sunglasses are heavier. Therefore, in addition to choosing the eyewear that suit you according to your face shape, you must also consider other factors so that you can choose eyewear that really suit you.