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Control the quality of our eyewear

21-06-10 18:40:49    By Bestsea eyewear

Bestsea eyewear factory located in ShenZhen, China.  As an OEM&ODM eyewear manufacturer, we specialize in acetate sunglasses, acetate optical, metal sunglasses, metal optical, titanium eyewear and buffalo horn glasses. Our clients run high-end eyewear brands, mainly come from Europe, USA, Australia and Japan. Now, please allow me to introduction about how we control the eyewear quality. This can help you know who we are, and we are a reliable manufacturer.

High quality of acetate sunglasses

Control the quality of our eyewear 1: 

About the eyewear material. We using authentic material, never cheating on workmanship or material is part of our strict policy. We follow clients needs, such as, if clients want gloss black, we always use Mazzucchelli black acetate to maintain the best polishing, because we are believe that the good materials are the basic guarantee of good quality.

High quality hinge from Comotec

Control the quality of our eyewear 2: 

Mould making in details. Variety of metal and titanium frames require moulded, beside choosing good material of mould, we pay extra attention to the cleanness and smoothness for accessory molds, because once it's produced, these places can't be polished.

Customized precision molds for eyewear accessories

Control the quality of our eyewear 3:

We have been testing different polishing materials, and sending staffs to Japan to learn their polishing technology. Now craftsmanship of our polishing is one of our core advantages and is different to other factories in ShenZhen. “It's amazing” said some client.

Pay attention to details to produce high-quality eyewear

Control the quality of our eyewear 4: 

Production standardization. By making individual soldering mold and testing mold for every style, the result of this is almost zero % of deviation in each pair in every batch of production. Unlike general soldering tools are used commonly in most of the eyewear factories, cost saving method, but quality is not guaranteed.

Control the quality of our eyewear 5: 

100% QC inspection before shipping. This is to ensure every single pair is good when arrived at clients' warehouse. Not QC check required on client side, this is not only save time, also save cost on shipping defect samples back to us.

Control the quality of our eyewear 6: 

We have experienced design and R&D team with more than 15 years experience. In the new design area of our website, 5 to 10 new eyewear design( include the acetate sunglasses, acetate optical, metal sunglasses, metal optical, and buffalo horn eyewear) will be displayed every month. We can design for you according to your brand elements, or design according to your idea. If you need, we can provide some for your reference.

Eyewear Design with 15 years experience

There is a saying in China "seeing is believing". To know each other better before any collaboration, is to review a few of our samples then start with a sampling or a small order. We believe it will be a win-win for all on our possible cooperation. For more information about our eyewear factory or our eyewear products, please visit our website or contact us at any time, thanks.

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