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Do you know horn glasses?

23-04-07 12:19:11    By Bestsea eyewear

Do you know horn glasses?

In our other articles, we have talked about the production process of horn glasses, advantages and disadvantages and maintenance of horn glasses, today let us have a more in-depth understanding of the horn glasses of the previous and present life, let us know more about horn glasses.
Below is a pair of buffalo horn sunglasses with metal rim.
 buffalo horn sunglasses with metal rim
Natural horns used to be one of the important materials for making glasses. From the 1920s to the 1960s, unique horn glasses have always been synonymous with high-end glasses, and they are favorite collections and artworks for many people. With the invention and popularization of cellulose acetate, real horn glasses frames are gradually replaced by this kind of acetate glasses with richer colors and easier manufacture. It has a similar appearance and is cheaper, so it is easier to be accepted by consumers.
Below is a pair of dark brown buffalo horn glasses.
Dark brown buffalo horn glasses
However, the unique pattern and natural texture of horn frame glasses can never be replaced by acetate glasses. Due to factors such as rare materials, high cost and complicated handwork, high-grade horn glasses are regarded as a kind of art, collection and luxury goods by more people. However, the manufacturing process of real horn glasses is very complicated, and there are more strict requirements for horn glasses manufacturers. Manufacturers must be well versed in the characteristics of horn materials,well know the whole process of horn glasses manufacturing, have many skilled craftsmen, a complete quality control process and the spirit of craftsmanship.
As mentioned in our previous article, real horn glasses have many advantages, which can be summarized as follows:
1. Horn is a kind of natural material, with hypoallergenic, no electrostatic phenomenon, no harm to the skin; 
Below is a pair of horn rimmed glasses with dual rivet hinges.
2. Horn glasses have natural texture and unique color, so it can be said that each pair is unique; 
3. Horn glasses are breathing glasses with tiny capillary holes in the keratin, which can adapt to the wearer's skin and become your exclusive glasses; 
4. Horn glasses always have a cool feeling, because the natural material does not absorb any heat, so they are comfortable to wear; 
5. Horn material is light, only about 40% of acetate glasses, so it is more comfortable to wear; 
6. Natural horn glasses, polished by hand again and again, its luster is transparent to the sky; 
7. Horn glasses have a warm feeling; 
8. Real horn glasses, is your special glasses, is worth your collection of art.
Advantages of real horn glasses
It is very important to know the horn material. Horn is a natural horny material, which is light in weight, hard and brittle, and has very high requirements on the manufacturing process. Each pair of horn glasses produced has its own unique appearance, requiring the use of natural horns with the highest hardness and the strongest components. Therefore, it takes a lot of time in the cutting and preliminary forming stages, from material selection, cutting, pressing, inner and outer rings, laminating nose pad, molding, painting and polishing, hinges welding, assembling lenses, etc., to go through more than 150 procedures. Each process must be checked and adjusted by experienced craftsmen to perfectly present the luxury, precision and elegance of the glasses.
Horn material of horn glasses
About the purchase, use and maintenance of horn glasses, summarized as follows:  
1. Don't be too loose or too tight when choosing horn glasses frames. The distance between the two temples of the glasses and the curvature of the temples should be appropriate, and the glasses should not be too loose or too tight to wear. At the same time, the eyes must watch the optical center of the lens, otherwise there will be prism effect,causing people to have symptoms such as visual distortion, dizziness, fatigue, and even strabismus.
2. Improve your bad habit of using glasses. Many people like to use one hand to wear or take out glasses. This is a very bad habit. Because glasses are fragile, it is often easy to cause deformation or rupture after a long time. When wearing or taking glasses, be sure to hold the legs of the glasses with both hands, and then put them on or take them off gently.
3. Do not take part in strenuous sports while wearing horn glasses, because the horn frame is brittle, once there is a collision during exercise, or the glasses fall, it is very likely to damage the glasses;
4.When the lens or frame is stained with dust or dirt, it is recommended to use a special cleaner or a soft clean glasses cloth to wipe it, and avoid using cleaners containing alcohol or chemicals. At the same time, also pay attention to gently wipe, avoid excessive force.
5. For daily use of horn glasses, in order to prevent cracking caused by thermal expansion and contraction, it is recommended to regularly use Vaseline or olive oil on the inside of the frame to moisturize the horns.
6. Horn materials should avoid high temperature, hot water or the wind of a hair dryer, so don't wear glasses into the sauna room or take a bath, and don't wear glasses to blow your hair after washing your hair. Also avoid humid environments, which can easily deform the frame. If it is raining or in a humid environment, dry your horn glasses in time.
maintenance of horn glasses
Below is a pair of horn rimmed glasses with beta titanium frames.
When not in use, wipe them clean and store them in a case.
It is important to consistently care for and maintain horn glasses because they are an all-natural material and a living thing that needs to be cared for. Otherwise, it will become brittle and crack. It is normal for horn materials to change over time, and sometimes horn frames will develop slight cracks after a few years of use. Therefore, in addition to the above mentioned conventional maintenance methods, you may also worry about whether you do not do enough to horn glasses, if it is out of such concerns, you can once or twice a year to a professional optician where to carry out professional maintenance.
Below is a pair of horn frame glasses with unique 24k gold hinges.
Horn frame glasses with unique 24k gold hinges
In order to make a pair of horn frame glasses with moist color and comfortable hand feeling, skilled old craftsmen must have rich work experience, select horns with better materials from a lot of horns, and then go through more than 150 processes to complete. Sourced from Asia, India or Africa, the horns are only collected after the animals' natural life cycle has ended, and any shavings or waste from the horn glasses frames making process is returned to the earth to be used as fertilizer for surrounding plants.
The material of each pair of horn glasses comes from legal channels, and each pair of horn glasses has been carefully produced. Each pair of horn glasses has a natural and unique texture. At the same time, it is also environmentally friendly, moist to the touch, lighter, with good luster, this is the unique natural horn glasses, a luxury in glasses.

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