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Why select us as an eyewear manufacturer in china

21-06-18 17:11:10    By Bestsea eyewear

Henggang is one of the most famous high-end eyewear production bases in the world. After 30 years of development, Henggang has become one of the main production bases of eyewear in China and the main production base of world-famous medium and high-grade eyewear brands. By the end of 2014, eyewear manufacturer in china, there were about 360 enterprises in Henggang, with an annual output of more than 150 million pairs, accounting for about 30% of the total national output.

Henggang, the production of high-end eyewear such as acetate eyewear, metal eyewear and titanium eyewear accounts for 70% of the global output, and 95% of the products are exported to all parts of the world, becoming an important eyewear export base in China. In recent years, Henggang eyewear enterprises have constantly changed their business models and concepts, and carried out industrial transformation and upgrading. They no longer only carry out OEM and ODM production for international luxury eyewear brands. Through technological transformation and research and development, they plan the packaging of enterprise brands and create their own brands.

Then, Why select us as an eyewear manufacturer in china? 

Bestsea eyewear was established in 2005, is a professional OEM&ODM eyewear manufacturer at ShenZhen of China. Our advantages products is Acetate eyewear (include the acetate sunglasses and acetate optical), Titantium eyewear, Metal eyewear, Aluminium eyewear and buffalo horn glasses.

Acetate eyewear with metal temple design

Our factory is equipped with first-class production facilities and comprehensive test devices, and has a strong research and development team. We always insist on the principles of “Trying the best,Keeping the improvement”! We will continue to concentrate our efforts on constantly developing new products, securing and expanding globe, and above all delivering customer satisfaction.With the high quality products, mature and efficient selling policy and good service, we are growing day by day. Our clients run high-end eyewear brands, mainly come from Europe, USA, Australia and Japan. Now, please allow me to introduction about how we control the eyewear quality. This can help you know who we are, and we are a reliable manufacturer.

1. We just use top quality material, because we believe that good materials are the basic guarantee of good quality. We mainly use Mazzucchelli acetate, Comotec or OBE hinge, Carl Zeiss or Yueheng lens, or use materials accord to our client’s requirement.

2. We pay more attention to the details of eyewear, Especially the polishing and lines, we have some special procedures in our production. Most of manufacturer don't have these procedures.

Metal temple with highly personalized design

3. We control quality is very strict. For example, in order to control the accuracy of welding, we make special welding fixtures for each frame. 

4. Before shipment,we must check the quality 2 times (one by one) after we complete the production. If there are inferior eyewear, we would rather through them into the garbage can.

And we have experienced design and R&D team with more than 15 years experience. In the new design area of our website, 5 to 10 new models will be displayed every month. We can design for you according to your brand elements, or design according to your idea. If you need, we can provide some for your reference.

Bestsea eyewear, as a professional OEM&ODM eyewear manufacturer in China, if you select us as an eyewear supplier, we believe it will be a win-win cooperation.

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