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What are the eyewear parts?

21-07-07 19:08:02    By Bestsea eyewear

eyewear is usually composed of front frame, middle bar, top bar (if any), lenses, nose pads, hinges, tip, metal decoration, or some other parts. The picture below shows some common eyewear parts.

Acetate frames parts

Acetate glasses optical Parts.

1.Front frames: The assembly position of the lens, use metal ring, acetate eyewear frames, nylon wire, etc, to fix the lens by groove or drilling, which affects the cutting of the lens and the shape of the eyewear.

2.Middle Bar: Connect the left and right lens rings or directly connect with the lens. Its size is the shortest horizontal distance between the two frames. The center beam of the acetate frames is generally carved out in one piece, and it is also connected by a metal frames center beam.

3.TOP BAR: In addition to the middle beam, some frames also have a top bar, which is also connected to the left and right lens rings or directly fixedly connected to the lens.

Metal frames parts

Metal Sunglasses Parts.

4.Nose bridge or Nose pad: Including pad arm (commonly U-shaped pad arm , generally used in Europe and the United States; there are also S-shaped pad arm , generally used in the Asia-Pacific region) and Nose pad. The Nose pads are in direct contact with the nose and play the role of supporting and stabilizing the frame. The acetate eyewear is generally the main pad, and there are also metal seeds to install the nose pad.Metal eyewear generally have leaves directly mounted on the welded pad arm.

5.Lens: The lens is housed in the frame. Optical frames are generally equipped with demo lens (AC material, also called AC lens), which are mainly used for shaping (to make the frame not easy to deform, especially the acetate frames). Sunlens are mounted on the sunglasses frames. Common Sunlens include PC Sunlens (mostly used in low- and middle-end sunglasses, such as injection sunglasses, TR90 sunglasses or low-end metal sunglasses, etc.). CR39 Sunlens (the most commonly used in sunglasses, which are pressed out through a mold, and then dyed such as gray, etc.) Later, you can add coating, blue back, oil and water resistance, etc.). Nylon sheet (the most commonly used one except CR39, which is injection molded from nylon material. It is characterized by stable color and good toughness, suitable for more special frames such as Irregular circles, or half-frame,rimless eyewear that need to be punched, can also be coated, blue back, oil-proof, waterproof, etc). Polarized Sunlens, it can filter out a certain angle of reflection Light, especially suitable for drivers to wear. The simple identification method is to open a blank WORD document in computer, and then the color will change from light to dark to black when the lens is turned against it.

6.End pieces: Two ends of the front frames, there are generally two types of flat pieces and bent pieces.

7.Temple: The function is to make the eyewear frames hang firmly on the ears. Its size is based on the extension length from the center of the temple hinge to the end of the temple.

8.Temple Tip: Generally used in metal eyewear at the temple end, such as metal frames and titanium frames.

Metal frames temple tip

9.Hinge: A joint connecting the pile head and the mirror spleen. Common types are natural hinges and spring hinge, or some special purpose hinge. It is used to connect the frame and the temples. The temples are left open when they are wear and closed when not in use for storage. Now the better hinge brands are COMTEK, OBE , etc.

10.Rim Lock: It is generally used on metal eyewear, especially metal optical and titanium glasses frames. The function is to facilitate the installation and removal of lenses.

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