Function of Sunglasses lens color

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When choosing sunglasses, in addition to looking at their UV protect index, they should also look at their color, because different sunglasses lens color play different roles and are suitable for different occasions. Let's take a look at the function of different sunglasses lens color.

Sunglasses lenses of different colors

Function of sunglasses lens color 1: Brown. Brown Sunlens are the best companion for drivers. Brown Sunlens are the best choice for drivers . Because the brown lens can block the reflected light from the smooth and shiny surface, so that the drivers can see the subtle parts of the object. At the same time, the brown lens can filter out a large amount of blue light, which can improve the visual contrast and clarity, so that the driver can see clearly even in severe air pollution or foggy conditions. In addition, try to choose lighter sunglasses when driving. Metal sunglasses, titanium eyewear and aluminum eyewear are better choices.

Brown sunglasses

Function of sunglasses lens color 2: Silver. Silver sunglasses are the first choice for outdoor sports. The reason why silver sunglasses is the first choice for outdoor sports is because the outdoor field of vision is wide and the light is sufficient, which will make people unable to accept it for a while, and the surface of the water silver lens adopts high-density mirror coating, which can absorb and reflect more visible light and reduce the fear of light and glare to a certain extent.

Function of sunglasses lens color 3: Dark green. Dark green is suitable for wearing in the sun. Dark green is more suitable for wearing in the sun, because it is generally more afraid of heat when in the sun, and the dark green lens can absorb the heat and bring a cool feeling.

Function of sunglasses lens color 4: Blue. When at the beach, the sea water and sky will reflect a faint light blue, and at this time the blue lens can filter it out to see things clearly.

Wearing sunglasses on seaside vacation

In fact, there are many colors of sunglasses lens on the market, such as red, purple, etc. These lens colors generally have no beneficial effect, but will change the color of the object, so it is not recommended to wear them.

In addition, when choosing sunglasses, in addition to considering the color and whether the function of UV protection, but also to check the refractive power of the lens. At this point, you can put the sunglasses in front of your eyes and shake them back and forth. If the object and the lens move together, it means that the lens has diopter, which will be harmful to your eyes. In addition, check the smoothness of the lens surface. If the lens surface is not smooth,external objects will be deformed and twisted, so that the eyeball will swell, and symptoms of visual fatigue such as nausea, forgetfulness, and insomnia will appear.

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