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Hazards of improper wearing eyewear

21-11-02 17:53:30    By Bestsea eyewear

Myopia have become an indispensable part of the daily life of the majority of myopia patients. It can make myopia patients see again. But in life. We may have improper wearing. So what harm does wearing the wrong eyewear do to us? There are many styles and colors of eyewear on the market, such as acetate eyewear, metal eyewear or titanium eyewear. It is sometimes difficult to face eyewear of different materials and rich colors. Make the right choice. If we choose eyewear that are not suitable for us when we wear them, not only can we not protect our eyes, but it may even cause damage to our eyes. So. What harm can be caused by wearing eyewear that are not suitable for you?let Bestsea eyewear manufacturer tell you.

acetate sunglasses

Acetate sunglasses

1. The height of the frame should not be too high. If you wear this kind of frame eyewear for a long time, this kind of eyewear will prevent your eyes from seeing things through the center of the lens, causing blurred vision, dizziness, and red eyes, which will damage your eyes over time.

2. The interpupillary distance of the eyewear frame is inconsistent with your interpupillary distance. Wear these frames for a long time. It will cause dizziness and blurred vision due to the inconsistency between the optical center and the surrounding power, the prism effect, etc., and in severe cases, it will cause the center of the main vision to deviate, which will damage your eyes.

3. The eyeglasses temple are loose. temples or loose or tight, eyewear will seriously affect your wearing comfort. Too tight the temples will press on the temples and cause discomfort, while too loose may cause the eyewear to be not tightly clamped and cause the center of the eyewear to shift, which will damage your eyesight over time.

metal optical frame

metal optical frame

4. The height of the lens ring of the eyewear is uneven. If the height of the lens circle of the eyewear is not uniform due to improper wearing, wearing these eyewear for a long time can not see through the center of the lens, and a certain prism effect will occur over time, causing dizziness and fatigue. Doing so for a long time may cause the center point of the eye to move, thereby damaging your eyes.

5. Children wear eyewear for a long time, which is easy to deepen their eyesight. Wearing eyewear is for children to control the deepening of the degree. However, children are in the developmental stage. As they grow older, their eyesight will change to a large extent, and wearing eyewear only plays a certain role in regulation. Be sure to check the actual power frequently and make appropriate adjustments from facing the eyewear. In addition, children with myopia must develop some good habits, such as exercising more, looking at some green plants in nature, and doing more useful exercise , so as to control the degree of myopia will not deepen, or improve vision.

Green plants

Green plants

buffalo horn sunglasses

Buffalo horn sunglasses

Therefore, when we wear eyewear, we must choose eyewear that suit us. With the advancement of eyewear material technology and craft, there are a lot of eyewear available in the market, such as acetate eyewear, metal eyewear, titanium eyewear, and even some high-end buffalo horn eyewear. As long as you choose carefully, you can always find a suitable one. Your own eyewear not only make your appearance more elegant and beautiful, but also protect your eyes.

titanium eyewear

Titanium eyewear

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