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Horn Glasses Combined with Wood

23-05-27 02:18:28    By Bestsea eyewear

 1. Both horn and wood are natural materials. The front frame of this horn frame glasses is made of black and white yak horn and red sandalwood. The yak horn comes from the Tibetan plateau of China. It has a hard texture and unique texture. The inner red sandalwood is produced in Africa. Pleasant, beautiful pattern. Both natural materials are very hard, and it took great skill to bring them together. The bridge and temples of the glasses are made of beta titanium material with good elasticity. The slender and rounded temples have good elasticity, and the rounded black wood end pieces provide unparalleled comfort for this pair of unique horn glasses.

Horn glasses with wood and beta titanium

2.Below is a pair of black buffalo horn glasses. But what is the red material on the front? Yes, it's natural wood, so it's a combination of wood and horn. The ultra-thin natural veneer is perfectly combined with the inner buffalo horn through advanced technology.
 Horn glasses frames with wood
3.The following is a pair of polygonal horn and wood frames. As can be seen from the picture, the upper part of the front frame is made of natural wood, and the lower part is made of natural buffalo horn material. Skilled glasses craftsmen skillfully put them together combine together. Retro and classic shape, it is a pair of unique wood and horn glasses.
 Horn rimmed glasses with nature wood
4.This handmade round frame horn rimmed glasses, the front frame is natural sheep horn, after hand polishing, the surface is smooth and delicate, the natural texture gives people a strong visual impact. The temples are made of natural wood. The horn front frame and the wooden temples are connected together through the traditional Chinese mortise and tenon structure, so that the elegant Chinese classical culture is reflected in this pair of horn and wood glasses. The red paint on the mirror legs is the biggest feature of this glasses, called Chinese paint, which is a very traditional craft. It is a kind of natural resin paint, which is a kind of white viscous emulsion flowing out from the bark of sumac tree after cutting it. It is a pure natural product. Raw lacquer has anti-corrosion, strong acid resistance, strong alkali resistance, moisture resistance, insulation, high temperature resistance, soil resistance and so on. Natural raw lacquer has the world-recognized "king of paint" reputation. The process of Chinese lacquer is very complicated, and it takes more than 90 days for the lacquer to be painted, naturally dried in the shade, and polished.
 Round&Vintage horn glasses with wood
5.The following pair of hexagonal horn glasses frames are made of three different materials, each of which has its own unique color and characteristics, red wood, black horns, slender and extremely elastic beta titanium Frames and temples. Fashion meets classic in a unique and comfortable pair of titanium framed horn glasses.
 Horn glasses with wood and b-titanium frames
6.The following is the most common and classic way of matching the two materials of wood and horn, that is, the front frame of horn and the wooden temple. Because these two materials are very hard, a flexible custom metal hinge is used to leave a certain gap between the temple and the front frame, so that the temple can expand to a certain extent to increase the wearing comfort.
 Horn glasses with wood temples
The above are several forms of glasses combined with wood and horns. Of course, with the advancement of glasses manufacturing technology and machinery and equipment, there are still many ways to combine. Since wood and horns are pure natural materials, their colors and textures will be different due to different species, ages, and growth environments, there are differences. So, every pair of horn glasses or wood glasses is unique, you can't find another pair in this world that is exactly the same.


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