How do we control the lens quality?

22-01-25 16:01:09产品知识BY ADMIN

In a pair of eyewear, the quality of the lenses plays a crucial role in the protection of vision.

Whether it is a customer's sample or bulk, we will choose high-quality lenses. A good pair of eyewear must not be destroyed by a poor pair of lenses.
Whether it is an optical lens or a sun lens, while ensuring the quality, we will customize the function of the lens according to the customer's requirements: such as ordinary lenses, sun lens,coated lenses, anti-ultraviolet lenses, anti-blue light lenses and so on.
A pair of qualified lenses comes out of the lens factory through: material research and development, curing and hardening, molecular coating, customization, wear resistance test, to substrate inspection, hardening inspection, finished product inspection, multi-layer inspection, and level check.
1、Lens material research and development
Lens material research and development
2、Curing and Hardening, Molecular Coating
Curing and Hardening, Molecular Coating
3、Customized, wear-resistant test
Customized, wear-resistant test
4、Multi layer inspection and strict control
Multi layer inspection and strict control
After getting the lenses from the lens factory, we will also check again by QC to ensure that the lenses attached to the frame are all good, and that the eyewears are all good as a whole.
5、check again by Bestsea eyewear manufacturer QC
check again by our QC
check again by our QC