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How to choose eyewear?

21-07-14 18:53:19    By Bestsea eyewear

Eyewear are one of the most common products in our daily lives, especially with the improvement of living standards, consumers are paying more and more attention to the details of life, and the demand for high-end eyewear is increasing. Eyewear, the same as clothing, watches, which is represent the image you want to convey to the outside world. How to choose eyewear which is suitable for you, it is the first matter that every consumer is faced. Designers usually give out advice is, to choose the most appropriate temperament to modification of your face, but what decided to eyewear value is the frame material and the details of eyewear artworks.

Eyewear are made of many materials, including plastics, acetate, metals, aluminium, carbon fiber, and the nature material such as horn and wood. The most popular eyewear is acetate eyewear, metal eyewear and titanium eyewear.

Metal sunglasses with gold plating

The eyewear industry is often considered a profiteering industry, not just some of the famous chain of optical shops, it is including many of the expensive price of luxury eyewear, which is rely on this simple commodities to seek big profits. However, for a product to be recognized and liked by consumers, we must acknowledge the brand’s efforts behind the design, quality control, establishment of marketing channels, etc. But for an ordinary consumer, in fact, which mind is learn to judge what is a really good pair of eyewear.

Titanium is an ideal material, its biggest feature is light, the lightest frame is only 1.9 grams. At the same time it has very stable chemical performance, almost no one is allergic to titanium. Meanwhile, Titanium eyewear are also easily flexible, but at the same time very strong, this metal is easy to adjust the characteristics of your lens dispenser and helps to adjust the frame and the temples.

Since the cellulose acetate applied in eyewear, now, the acetate eyewear  are very popular in recent years. Compare to regular metal eyewear, aluminium eyewear, carbon fibon eyewear or buffalo horn eyewear, the acetate eyewear is most popular in these eyewear frames. The features of cellulose acetate are that they are very rich in colors and mature in craftsmanship. They can be combined with many other materials to make combination eyewear. At the same time, the cellulose acetate has a certain memory characteristic, which is easy to adjust according to different face shapes.

Aluminium eyewear is made from aluminium that are lightweight and highly corrosion-resistant. Aluminum are one lighter than titanium materials. Aluminum eyewear are suitable for long-term wear, especially for consumers who like light eyewear. However, aluminum are not as flexible as titanium, and the choice of surface color is relatively small.

Beautiful acetate eyewear with Nylon Sunlens

Natural materials such as buffalo horn can be made of buffalo Horn glasses, it’s hard to command transform horn into eyewear. Only the most skilled workers at the best eyewear manufacturer have the capability of carving and polishing horn materials in a manner suitable for luxury eyewear.

Lenses are also an important basis for judging whether a pair of eyewear is good or bad. A good pair of eyewear will definitely be matched with a good lens. To judge the quality of lenses, generally look at these aspects. One is the brand, the most famous brands are Zeiss lenses, etc., and the other is to see what functions it has, such as UV protection and light transmittance. Of course, color is also on the one hand, and choosing the color you like is also very important.

The above is some knowledge about how to choose eyewear, I hope it will help you choose your favorite eyewear.

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