How to make horn frames?

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How to make horn frames?

In this article, let's take a look at how to make horn frames. The horn frames is made of pure natural horn material and has no chemical composition. It will not produce allergies and static electricity when it comes in contact with human skin. Moreover, the material of horns is extremely hard and easy to crack. Therefore, the production of buffalo horn frames is much more complicated than the production of acetate eyewear and metal eyewear. In the process of manufacturing horn frames, many processes must be completed manually. Moreover, in the manufacturing process, material loss is particularly large, so horn frames are often very expensive. Because of the uniqueness of horn frames, it have been favored by more and more consumers in the market in recent years.

The horn material itself is not shiny, but the horn frames made after the traditional polishing method looks smooth and fine, and very textured. Whether it’s yellow horn frames or tortoise horn frames, it feels comfortable and has moist color. Each pair of horn temples will have more or less black or bloody variegated colors, and because the horns are pure natural materials, their colors are also pure Natural, so the color of each pair of horn frames is not exactly the same. The black horn frames are generally made of buffalo horns. The texture is relatively moist and loose. You can see the natural texture when you hold it in your hand or under the light. Although it is a bit similar to the acetate eyewear, the texture is still quite different. horn frames made of pure natural horns are the product of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology. They integrate health care functions and art collections. They are the best gifts for self-wearing and giving to loved ones. Now, let's take a brief look at the production process of horn frames.

How to make horn frames 1: Choose horn material. Not all horns can be processed into horn frames. Experienced technicians will often take a closer look under bright lights and select horns with uniform luster and relatively complete lines.

Choose horn material

How to make horn frames 2: Saw the horns. First, the horizontal saw has a 15 cm tip, and then the jig saw breaks it to form a tile shape. After high temperature heating, it can be flattened by hydraulic pressure. Then it is cut into a circular specification with a table saw, and the uneven surface is polished with a grinding wheel. Some horn frames are made of two different colors of horns, so you need to coat the two horns with special glue and put them together, then use a hydraulic press to compact them, and then cut off the uneven edges local. This way the horn board is made.

Saw the horns

How to make horn frames 3: Make inner and outer ring shapes. The process is the same as that of making acetate eyewear, relying on positioning molds for positioning. The material of the horns is very brittle. It requires a lathe to rotate at 4800 speeds and a special tungsten steel knife is used for production. This process is similar to the production of acetate eyewear.

Make inner and outer ring shapes of horn frames

How to make horn frames 4: Handmade. horn frames are hand-made products, so the manual step is very important, and people who know the performance of horns are required to operate. In this process, the surface unevenness of the material is treated, sanding paper, Filing end piece, pressing the bridge, and Laminating the nose pad, etc. It’s the most critical steps in the production of horn frames. Only a good grasp of the process and details can reflect the perfect process of the whole pair of eyewear.Horn frames, like acetate eyewear, have to go through the processes of barreling and polishing to make the surface smooth. The difference is that the horn frames can’t be inserted into needles or nailed hinges. The horns are natural materials. Due to the age of the keratin, there may be a little shrinkage in the final process of mounting the lens. Therefore, the left and right comparisons should be carried out when grinding the lens. It also increases the difficulty of making horn frames.

handmade horn frames

How to make horn frames 5: Assembly. After going through the previous manual process, Then there is the assembly.It includes assembling the temple, cliping on lens, inspection and packaging, etc. Because the horn material is very hard, the size of the lens must be very standard, and it must be done with CNC. After the lens is installed, it needs to be polished by hand with a grinder. After the polisher confirms that the polish is very bright, send it to the quality inspector. If any problems are found, they must be sent back to the corresponding link for reprocessing.

How to make horn frames 6: Transport. After the inspection by the quality inspector, it is confirmed that each pair of eyewear is good, and then the goods are packaged for the customers. Generally speaking, before leaving the factory, we will put a layer of ring Cyclo on the surface of each pair of horn frames to keep the surface of the horn frames moisturized to avoid cracks due to drying. Because the price of horn frames is very high, and easy to damage, because we usually send them to customers by express or air freight.

finished horn frames

The production process of horn frames is much more difficult than acetate eyewear, metal eyewear, titanium eyewear etc, and the materials are all natural, and the price is much more expensive than traditional metal or acetate eyewear. The loss is also large, so the cost of a pair of finely crafted horn frames is also quite high.