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Imaginative Inflated glasses

23-09-27 23:50:00    By Bestsea eyewear

 As a practitioner in the eyewear industry, we have noticed that LOEWE obtained market recognition and love, after launching flashy three-dimensional and brightly colored inflated glasses in 2021.

The picture below is wearing fashionable and personalized inflated sunglasses.

Loewe inflated sunglasses with blue color

    Designers have been exploring various surrealist explorations in different fields. As early as the inflatable chair designed by Jonathan De Pas in the 1960s. The innovation of inflation in industrial design has never stopped, it has gradually spread throughout industries such as electric vehicles, jeans, mice, and glasses. Let's see what are the most imaginative products around the world.
Top 10 Creative Inflatable Products in the Network: 
1. Inflatable jeans that can save lives. This pair of inflatable jeans is a wearable airbag. Riding a motorcycle in an accident can protect the lower body parts, such as the thighs, trunk back, and tailbone. Spine and tailbone damage is the main cause of paralysis in many motorcycle riders' accidents.
Inflatable jeans
In addition to the airbag pants, there is also an airbag backpack and helmet, which comprehensively protect the safety of motorcycle riders.
airbag backpack and helmet
2. 0.1 second scarf to helmet. This helmet-style airbag is similar to the previous product. Normally, it is a simple scarf. In the event of an accident, the airbag will expand within 0.1 seconds and form a protective cover around the head and neck.
0.1 second scarf to helmet
3. An inflatable electric bicycle. A team including research institution Mercari R4D and students from the University of Tokyo developed an inflatable electric vehicle called the Poimo. This electric vehicle is made of TPU, and riders can easily store it. Its compact size can meet the needs of carrying it around in a backpack.
inflatable electric bicycle
4. Inflatable stretchers prevent secondary injuries to patients. Inflatable stretchers provide a safer way to safely transport patients to the hospital from their place of origin, just like bubble bags used for express packaging, to prevent secondary injuries to patients.
Inflatable stretchers
5. Explore the refugee crisis using inflatable lifeboats. This refugee warehouse can be quickly inflated, and designed using the principle of origami and inflation.
inflatable lifeboats
6. Space-saving inflatable bathtub. People in the city face the living space of high cost of land. The traditional bathtubs have heavily occupied the narrow and small bathroom space. This inflatable bathtub effectively solves this problem and won the Gmark Design Award in 2020.
inflatable bathtub
7. An inflatable mouse that can be used. I thought the inflatable mouse was just a conceptual work stuck on a blueprint, but I never thought it would be made into a prototype and usable!
inflatable mouse
8. The ultra-thin inflatable umbrella truly achieves portability. I believe many people have forgotten to bring an umbrella and run in the rain. This inflatable umbrella reduces the bad experience of getting wet because it is ultra-thin when not in use, which can be easily placed in the bag, making it portable.
ultra-thin inflatable umbrella
9. The inflatable raft is used to boil eggs! This is a wonderful case of challenging the application of inflatable products, as inflatable swimming rings can be used to boil eggs! High-quality temperature-resistant TPU products can withstand high temperatures up to 120 ℃, with instant temperatures up to 160 ℃. So it seems feasible to use it to boil eggs in water.
inflatable raft
10. Cute inflatable glasses, explore the future of inflatable products. When it comes to trends, they must have a futuristic attribute. The design of this set of inflatable glasses has explored an unrealistic conceptual idea to study the form and trends of products.
Cute inflatable glasses
The glasses industry has applied this creative design to traditional glasses, producing plastic inflatable sunglasses, acetate sunglasses, and more. In 2021, LEWEO inflatable sunglasses were showcased on the show, and now the inflatable glasses on the market have been showcased in various brands, models, and colors, making them increasingly popular!
BESTSEA was established in 2005 and has been committed to designing and manufacturing various types of glasses, providing OEM and ODM services to high-end eyewear brand customers in Europe and America. After the emergence of inflatable glasses in the eyewear market, we have been trying to use different materials, including the currently popular acetate fiber. After more than 300 days and nights of continuous research and testing, we have finally been able to produce a large number of inflated sunglasses and inflated glasses frame made of acetate materials.
Acetate inflated sunglasses and inflated glasses frame
The above image shows inflatable acetate sunglasses we made, with a wide, thick, and rounded outer frame, which has a more perfect surface and details than plastic glasses.


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