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Titanium eyewear VS Beta titanium eyewear

21-06-12 17:40:38    By Bestsea eyewear

Titanium eyewear is one of the most popular eyewear, titanium material is very suitable for making eyewear, it is ultra-lightweight, flexible, durable and non-corrosive. Because titanium eyewear s are very light and durable, they are very comfortable to wear on the face, and suitable for all kinds of face shapes. What is the difference between titanium eyewear and beta titanium eyewear?Now, let's take a brief look at titanium eyewear and beta titanium eyewear.

About the of material of titanium eyewear.

Titanium is one of the most good materials for making eyewear, Let's learn about titanium material first. Titanium is a pure element, at the same time, it counts among the ten most common elements on earth. However, the light material occurs in nature only in a chemical bond. More precisely, titanium occurs as part of minerals. As a result, the production of titanium is complicated.

Eyewear manufacturer must charge high prices for titanium products, that's because the shiny, white-metallic element costs ten times more than steel. But the material offers good value for its price. Therefore, titanium deserves being named after a race of Greek gods. All in all, it's no surprise the material is so popular in the eyewear industry. 

Titanium offer additional flexibility and malleability

Titanium material is very good for eyewear.

Yes, I like wear titanium eyewear frames!Firstly, titanium offers great strength and flexibility, therefore, it supports the manufacturing of delicate frames. Secondly, these eyewear frames rest lightly on the face and offer a good level of comfort, this makes titanium eyewear frames amazing to wear for a long time. Thirdly, titanium's flexibility makes it great for constructing temples. Another big advantage is the titanium is extremely Corrosion resistance, and the eyewear manufacturer in the production of eyewear, to its surface IP plating. That means corrosion and high temperatures can do no harm. But titanium is also more resilient than steel.This is why it remains in good condition for a long time.

What is the difference between titanium and beta titanium ?

The main difference is that Beta titanium alloys are much stronger than pure counterparts. These types of titanium alloys also offer additional flexibility, malleability, weld, and increased fabrication potential. Titanium eyewear frames can be finished with beta alloy, this makes the material harder and more flexible, especially for some very slim eyewear frames, they must be made of beta titanium.

What kind of eyeglasses is titanium suitable for.

Because titanium is one of the strongest materials, it supports the design of delicate eyewear frames. So, the titanium material is well suited for rimless eyewear frames, half-rims eyewear frames and also enables full-rims. There are even more advantages, such as titanium are also very fashionable and elegant, etc.

Full-rims titanium eyewear is light and strong

Through the above introduction, we know the titanium eyewear are ideal for everyday wear because they are strong, durable and very light, their flexibility allows them to be pulled and yanked without breaking or bending them permanently. They are also available in many different colors and designs that give you a very cool, stylish and fashionable look. Ha ha, do you like beta titanium eyewear?  I'm sure you'll like it.

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