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Types of eyewear by material

21-08-13 17:37:56    By Bestsea eyewear

On the beach in summer, people who come to play wear all kinds of eyewear, including optical eyewear, and most of them are sunglasses. What are the types of eyewear? There are usually many classification methods for eyewear, this chapter mainly analyzes and introduces them from the perspective of materials and styles.

According to the production materials of eyewear, they are mainly divided into plastic eyewear, acetate eyewear, metal eyewear, titanium eyewear, aluminum eyewear, horn eyewear and combination eyewear, etc.Let the eyewear manufacturer in China tell you the classification rules in detail.

Types of eyewear by material 1:Plastic eyewear (also called injection eyewear). The main component of the injection eyewear is plastic pellets. First, a mold is made, and then liquid plastic is injected through the injection molding machine. After molding, the frames are made into various colors through processes such as oil injection. Because of its light weight and resistance to allergies, plastic eyewear are mostly loved by the elderly and children, their production process is relatively simple, low cost, and suitable for mass production. Its shortcomings are relatively easy to break, the first feeling is not so good, and it is relatively low-end.

Plastic eyewear

Types of eyewear by material 2:Acetate eyewear. Include the acetate sunglasses and acetate optical. With the development of manufacturing technology of acetate eyewear, for the present, acetate eyewear changed the monotony of style, there is a variety of dazzling colors and shapes, not only has high glossy color acetate eyewear, but also there are beautifully engraved and material acetate lamination eyewear. It can be said that Acetate eyewear has become the current high-end eyewear.

acetate eyewear

Types of eyewear by material 3:Metal eyewear. Metal eyewear are made of a certain metal material. Commonly used materials are cupro nickel, stainless steel, copper, etc. According to the shape of the eyewear, first perform winding, wire cutting, corrosion, and oil pressure, After cutting, the different parts are welded together and then polished, rolled, polished, and plating according to the color required by the customer. Finally, assemble, install the lenses and other accessories, so that a pair of metal eyewear is ready. With optical lenses are called metal optical, and with Sunlens are called metal sunglasses. Metal eyewear are lighter in weight, rich in styles and colors, and are very popular among consumers.

Matel eyewear

Types of eyewear by material 4:Titanium eyewear. The processing method of the titanium eyewear is basically the same as that of the metal eyewear. Titanium is a precious metal. It is difficult to process and there is no repeatability in the welding process, and defective welding products cannot be repaired, so the feasibility of processing and production with technical difficulty should be fully considered when designing. Titanium material is much lighter than ordinary metal materials, and it is very toughness and strong. After IP plating, its surface will not cause damage to skin contact. It is one of the best materials for making eyewear. Therefore, the titanium eyewear is also very popular.

Titanium eyewear

Types of eyewear by material 5:Aluminium eyewear. The material of aluminum eyewear is mainly aluminum. Generally, a small amount of magnesium or other metal materials are added to enhance the hardness, so that the products made have a certain degree of hardness and good corrosion resistance. Aluminum eyewear have the characteristics of strong quality, low density, good heat dissipation, strong pressure resistance, and light weight (lighter than titanium), which can realize the requirements of light and thin, anti-shock and heat dissipation. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to process and color, and the color and style are relatively single. Aluminum eyewear are more common in drivers and sports.

Aluminium eyewear

Types of eyewear by material 6:Buffalo horn eyewear.  the production of buffalo horn eyewear is much more complicated than the production of other eyewear. In the process of manufacturing horn eyewear, many processes must be completed manually. Moreover, in the manufacturing process, material loss is particularly large, so horn eyewear are often very expensive. 

Buffalo horn eyewear

Types of eyewear by material 7:Wood eyewear. The main material of wood eyewear is various kinds of wood. The wood from nature has no other chemical ingredients at all. It does not cause any harm in contact with human skin, and its natural texture looks very beautiful. But because the wood material is very hard, it is not easy to adjust according to the characteristics of your face, so sometimes it is not so comfortable to wear. At the same time, the wood eyewear are relatively easy to break.

Wood eyewear

In addition to the above materials for making eyewear, bamboo and some other precious materials are less common. Of course, a pair of eyewear is often not entirely made of the same material, it will combine other materials, such as acetic acid and metal, titanium and acetic acid, metal and horns, etc. Especially with the improvement of people's living standards, people with the increasing pursuit of fashion, combination eyewear are becoming more and more popular.

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