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What is TR90 eyeglasses?

22-03-26 17:37:37    By Bestsea eyewear

In the mid-to-high-end eyewear market, the current popular eyewear include acetate eyewear, metal eyewear and titanium eyewear. In the low-end eyewear market, injection molding eyewear and TR90 eyewear are the mainstream. The process of these eyeglasses is relatively simple. Generally, they are formed by injection molding through molds, or through simple cutting, and then each frame and temple are connected by hinges or rivets together. These eyeglasses are relatively cheap due to their simple process and suitable for mass production. This article mainly talks about TR90 eyeglasses.

What is a TR90 eyeglasses?

TR90 is a popular ultra-light frame material on the market. It has the characteristics of super toughness, impact resistance and wear resistance, and low friction coefficient. It can effectively prevent the eyes and face from being damaged due to frame breakage and friction during exercise.

Moreover, the specific molecular structure of the TR90 eyeglass frames material makes it resistant to chemicals, and it is not easily deformed in a high temperature environment, and there is no chemical residue released, which is very in line with the European requirements for food-grade materials,like a treasure. So what are the characteristics of the TR90 glasses frames material?

What are the characteristics of TR glasses frames material?

1. Light weight: The TR90 eyeglass frame is about half the weight of the acetate eyewear and 85% of the nylon material, which can reduce the burden on the nose and ears, making it lighter and more comfortable to wear.

2. Bright colors: TR90 glasses frame is bright and translucent, easy to color, more bright and excellent than ordinary plastic frames.

TR90 eyeglasses frame:Bright colors

3. Impact resistance: The impact resistance of TR90 glasses frame is more than 2 times that of nylon material, which is very elastic and can effectively prevent the damage to the eyes caused by impact during exercise.

Tr90:very elastic and super tough

Tr90:very elastic and super tough

4. High temperature resistance: It can withstand high temperature of 350 degrees in a short time, and the deformation resistance index reaches 620kg/cm2, and it is not easy to melt and burn. The frame is not easily deformed and discolored, making the frame wear longer.

5. Safety: no release of chemical residues, in line with European requirements for food-grade materials.

What is the quality life of TR90 glasses frame?

There are two types of surface treatment methods for TR frames. One is to directly add toner to plastic pellets before injection molding. The surface is no longer spray-painted, and there will be no problem of peeling of the paint layer.The TR90 frame we produce not only has good production technology, but also uses good raw materials, does not cut corners and guarantees quality——Bestsea eyewear manufacturer.

More types are surface-painted. If the production process is poor, the sweat is heavy, and it is easier to peel off.

As for the problem of brittle fracture, it is due to the aging of plastic materials. The time of aging is closely related to the environment of use, such as light time, high temperature, low temperature, sweat, cosmetics, etc.

To sum up, the TR90 eyeframes are durable, do not fade, and have the same advantages as memory materials. The biggest feature is light weight. Wearing this frame can not only make you feel the fashion of the acetate frame, but also feel the comfort of the pure titanium eyewear. However, compared with acetate eyewear and titanium eyewear, the color of TR90 eyeglasses is also much monotonous, the craftsmanship is not so exquisite, and its service life is generally shorter. It depends on how you choose.

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