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Why memory glasses are expensive?

23-04-11 12:23:35    By Bestsea eyewear

 Why memory glasses are expensive?

Memory glasses can be made to have the same appearance as ordinary metal glasses or titanium glasses, but their functions have been revolutionary improved, and they can withstand repeated twists, high pressure or drops and quickly restore their original appearance without damage. But some people may have doubts, how expensive are memory glasses?
memory glasses combined with metal and acetate
The picture above is a pair of memory glasses combined with metal and acetate, and the bridge is memory metal. 
1. The craftsmanship of memory glasses is more complicated. Compared with ordinary metal glasses and titanium glasses, the welding of memory frame is more complex. Because the two materials cannot be welded together directly, a layer of nickel metal needs to be plated on the surface and then welded with other metals or titanium. The nickel's adhesion must be very strong so that it can be held together and twisted or squeezed over and over again without falling out.
2. The material costs is higher. On the one hand is memory metal or memory titanium. We only use memory materials imported from Japan or Germany. After receiving the materials, we must conduct repeated tests. After more than 500 times of 90-degree distortion, more than 500 times of 90-degree bending, and the ultra-low temperature test of minus 30°C , the function is still good. So the quality of the material directly affects the quality of the memory glasses, we only use high-quality materials. On the other hand, due to welding with memory materials, the requirements for ordinary metal or titanium materials are also higher, and the cost will be higher than ordinary metal or titanium frame.
memory titanium glasses with the middle bridge and the top bar are made of memory titanium
The picture above is a pair of memory titanium glasses, the middle bridge and the top bar are made of memory titanium.
3. The cost of plating and color spraying is higher. High quality memory glasses must be able to withstand repeated bending, twisting or even falling to return to their original shape, and the surface plating or painting must not have any cracks or damage. Therefore, the requirements for the surface are particularly high, and higher-quality color spray materials must be used, more advanced technology and stricter quality control.
memory metal glasses with the memory metal bridge and temples
The picture above is a pair of memory metal glasses, the bridge and temples are made of memory metal.
Why memory glasses are expensive, to sum up the above points, the costs of craftsmanship, material and surface treatment are different. A pair of memory metal glasses is about $2 higher than ordinary metal glasses in a same style and color. While a pair of memory titanium glasses is about $3 higher than ordinary titanium glasses in a same style and color.

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