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How is a beautiful pair of acetate eyewear assembled?

21-10-09 15:58:50    By Bestsea eyewear

We saw a pair of beautiful and fashionable eyewear in the store. Do you know how a pair of beautiful acetate eyewear are assembled?Next, the professional Bestsea eyewear manufacturers in China will introduce to you.

The basic components of acetate eyewear include the front frame, temples, lenses and decorative accessories. If it is acetate mixed eyewear, it may also include the middle bar and some other eyewear accessories, which has higher requirements for the assembly process of the eyewear.

The assembly process of acetate eyewear refers to the assembly of the parts of acetate eyewear into a pair of finished eyewear according to a certain operating sequence and quality requirements, which mainly include cutting temples, assembly of frames and temples, polishing, polishing, washing, assembly, Surface printing, lens loading, frame holding, inspection and packaging and other production processes.

The production process of cutting temples is mainly to cut the acetate temples through the equipment, so that the temples and the eyewear frames are assembled at the same angle, which is more suitable for consumers to wear;

The assembly production process of the eyewear frame and the temples is mainly to connect the frame and the temples with screws;

The assembly production process of the eyewear frame and the temples

The assembly production process of the eyewear frame and the temples

The grinding and polishing production process is mainly through the high-speed rotating cloth wheel, polishing and polishing the connection between the temple and the frame and keeping the surface smooth, bright and beautiful; the cleaning production process is mainly to cut, polish and polish the stains remaining on the surface of the eyewear frame from the process are cleaned by ultrasonic;

The grinding and polishing production process

Assembling parts are to put gems on the surface of the eyewear or install other small decorative parts to make the surface of the eyewear more beautiful;

The surface printing process is to print the key size, model, production date and other information of the eyewear on the inner side of the temple;

The surface printing process

The lens installation process is mainly to assemble the cut and shaped lenses into the acetate eyewear frames to form a complete pair of eyewear;

The lens installation process

The frame holding process is to adjust the shape of each part of the eyewear to make them suitable for wearing.

The frame holding process

Product inspection is to check the appearance and function of the eyewear, and complete the quality confirmation of the finished eyewear before shipment;

Product inspection

The packaging production process is to put the finished eyewear that meet the quality requirements with the corresponding accessories, such as eyewear cloth, manuals, etc., into the eyewear case to complete the final packaging action.

The packaging production process

Compared with the previous production processes, Finished assembly of acetate eyewear is one of the most personnel-intensive processes. These processes must be completed manually, which is a typical personnel-intensive operation. The number of finished eyewear assembly production personnel accounts for about 30% of the total number of acetate eyewear production, so personnel efficiency is one of the important indicators of the production process. The improvement and enhancement of the efficiency of the assembly personnel of the finished acetate eyewear is equivalent to the improvement and enhancement of the assembly production capacity of the finished acetate eyewear.

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