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Production process of acetate glasses frame temples

21-10-07 15:18:31    By Bestsea eyewear

The temples are one of the most important parts of eyewear. Without the temples, the eyewear front frame cannot be worn on a person's face. The temples of the acetate glasses are generally completed independently, and then assembled on the front frame of the eyewear after completion. Below is a pair of stylish acetate optical glasses.

 A pair of stylish acetate optical glasses

Next, Bestsea eyewear manufacturer in China will take you to see the production process of acetate eyewear.

The production process of the temples mainly uses semi-automatic equipment to operate on a single machine. First, the acetate temples are positioned and heated through the fixture and heating device, and then the metal copper needle is inserted into the acetate temples, so that the acetate temples can maintain their appearance while maintaining the beautiful appearance. It can also have a certain degree of strength. The production process of the temples can be divided into the production process of opening the temples, the process of punching copper needles, the production process of engraving the trademarks of the temples, the production process of sealing rubber of the temples, and the cleaning process.

Temple introduction

The production process of the temple cutting materials is mainly to use mechanical processing methods to divide a large piece of plate into the temples of the eyewear to provide appropriate input of materials for the subsequent processing of the temples;

temple cutting materials

Baking temple

The process of making copper needles for temples is mainly to position and heat the acetate temples, and then use the cylinder to insert the copper needles into the acetate temples, so that the temples have a certain degree of willfulness and strength while maintaining their beauty;

Copper needle

making copper needles for temples

The engraving process of the eyewear temples trademark is mainly to use the CNC machine tool to mill out the shape of the eyewear brand trademark on the surface of the assembled eyewear temples, and then install the eyewear brand trademark into the already carved shape;

eyewear temple printing process. In addition to making the customer's brand into metal accessories and fixing it on the temples through the engraving process, more brands now prefer to use other processes, such as hot stamping process, printing process, UP post process and so on. These processes are simpler and cost less.

eyewear temple printing process

The eyewear temple cleaning process is mainly to clean the stains generated during the production process of the eyewear temple, and provide material input for the eyewear frame and temple surface rolling production process. Like the production method of eyewear frames, the production process of eyewear temple is also specialized and mass production centered on production equipment.

The picture below is a pair of bevel-cut acetate sunglasses made using pressing and CNC eyewear technology.

Acetate sunglasses with bevel on front

In this way, the temples of the acetate glasses are completed, and the next step is to assemble it and assemble it with the finished front frame to form a complete pair of eyewear.

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