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Suitable Sunlens types for acetate sunglasses

21-07-28 18:52:49    By Bestsea eyewear

Acetate Sunglasses is one of the most popular Eyewear at present, and the lens is one of the most important factors affecting the quality of a pair of eyewear. There is a Chinese saying that a good horse has a good saddle, and good eyeframes must be matched with the most suitable lenses. So, what type of Sunlens are suitable for Acetate Glasses?

Acetate sunglasses with CR39 Sunlens

We have described the types of lenses in other articles. According to different materials, lenses can be divided into glass lenses,  CR39 resin lenses, nylon lenses, PC lenses and AC lenses (acrylic). Frames of different materials are suitable for different lenses. For example, the most suitable lenses for metal eyewear and titanium eyewear are nylon lenses, and the most suitable Sunlens for horn glasses are CR39 Sunlens. So, what are the best lenses for acetate sunglasses? Now, let's take a look at which Sunlens are suitable for acetate sunglasses.

Suitable Sunlens types for acetate sunglasses 1: CR39 Sunlens. CR39 Sunlens is widely used in acetate sunglasses with high clarity and hardness. The CR39 Sunlens are rich in color and can be customized into a variety of different colors. The surface of the lens can also be coated with color to make the color more beautiful. High-end CR39 Sunlens block most UV rays and protect your eyes well. Sunlens are one of the best lenses for acetate sunglasses.

Acetate sunglasses with CR39 Sunlens and Metal parts

Suitable Sunlens types for acetate sunglasses 2: Nylon Sunlens. Nylon Sunlens have strong toughness, good light transmittance and hardness, but the light transmittance is slightly lower than that of CR39 Sunlens. Nylon Sunlens are also commonly used in acetate sunglasses. Due to their good toughness, nylon lenses are especially suitable for half-frame, rimless frames or lenses with perforated lenses. Especially for some metal eyeframes with irregular lens shapes, nylon lenses must be used. At the same time, the high-grade nylon Sunlens will be added with UV powder during production, so that it has a good anti-ultraviolet function, which is the same as CR39. The surface of the nylon lens can also be coated with different mirror colors to make it look more beautiful.

Acetate sunglasses with Nylon Sunlens

Suitable Sunlens types for acetate sunglasses 3: Glass Sunlens. Glass Sunlens made of this material have the best clarity and hardness than other lenses, while being heavier than others. However, due to its high hardness, it is not easy to cut, which brings some difficulties to the glasses manufacturers in the production process. The manufacturing process and dyeing process of glass Sunlens are somewhat complicated, so the curvature and color choices of glass Sunlens are very limited. Glass Sunlens have a heavy feeling in the hand, and are also loved by some consumers. Of course, its disadvantage is that it is relatively heavy, and it is now less used

Suitable Sunlens types for acetate sunglasses 4: CR39 Poly Sunlens. The characteristics of CR39 have been mentioned before, high hardness and high definition, and it is one of the most suitable Sunlens for use acetate eyeframes. CR39 Poly Sunlens is a very thin Poly Lay film sandwiched in the middle of the film. When you are wearing sunglasses with Poly Sunglasses, it can effectively prevent the reflected light from the side or the ground and make the line of sight more concentrated. In the areas you want to see, it also reduces eye strain. Poly sunglasses are especially suitable for drivers. Like ordinary CR39 sunglasses, the CR39 Poly Sunlens can be coated on the surface, and it can also increase the waterproof and oil-proof effect.

Acetate sunglasses with Poly Sunlens

Another reminder, PC Sunlens are not suitable for use on acetate eyeframes. The material of acetate sunglasses is mainly cellulose. When it is in contact with PC material, it will cause chemical reaction after a long time, resulting in easy PC lenses, broken each other for a long time. So please take this seriously. Only some low-grade acetate sunglasses use PC Sunlens. When loading the lenses, the shape should be exactly the same as the inner groove of the frame. The force in each direction of the lens should be as consistent as possible, and at the same time, it should not be too tight, which can reduce the risk of cracking. possibility.

Each type of lens has its best matching frame material. CR39 Sunlenss are suitable for acetate sunglasses; PC Sunlens are suitable for plastic sunglass; Nylon Sunlens lenses are suitable for metal sungalsses and titanium sunglasses; AC lenses are often used in all optical frames, mainly as setting lenses; BESTSA is a high-end quality eyewear manufacturer in China, when assembling Sunlens, we will select the most suitable Sunlens according to the material, structure and shape of the frames.

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