Production process 01 of front frame of acetate eyewear

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Acetate eyewear are currently one of the most popular eyewear, including acetate optical frame and acetate sunglasses. However, the production process of acetate eyewear is much more complicated than that of metal eyewear. In this article, I will mainly understand the production process of the front frame of acetate eyewear.

Acetate Optical HXO201621

Acetate optical frame

Acetate Sunglasses HX20116

Acetate sunglasses

The production process of the front frame of the acetate eyewear frame is mainly a production process that uses 4-axis and 5-axis CNC machining centers (hereinafter referred to as CNC) to mill the acetate. In accordance with the sequence of the process, the 4-axis CNC is used to complete the milling of the internal shape of the frame, and then the 5-axis CNC is used to complete the milling of the external shape of the frame, which belongs to the equipment-centric process professional production. The general eyewear style 4-axis machine can be completed, only some complex, multi-faceted irregular shape is more suitable for 5-axis machine.

The internal process can be divided into the frame cutting production process, the frame inner and outer shape milling production process, the frame wearing face bending production process, and the cleaning production process.

The frame cutting production process is mainly to divide the large acetate into the small acetate required by each pair of eyewear frames, and then put them into the oven for baking. After the baking is completed, it enters the inner and outer shape milling process. After CNC processing into the shape of the eyewear, it must be carefully checked. In many places that are not smooth or rough, they must be manually processed with tools such as a knife.

frame cutting

The milling process of the inner shape and outer shape of the frame is mainly to mill the block acetate through CNC equipment, so that the block acetate becomes the frame of the eyewear.

Frame bending process. The bending production process of the frame wearing face is mainly aimed at the way that the formed frame is heated and extruded by the mold, and the frame is bent into a shape close to the curve of the human face, making the frame more suitable for consumers to wear;

The last step of the eyewear frame processing is the cleaning production process, which is mainly to clean the stains generated during the production and processing of the frame and provide clean material input for the next production process. Acetate eyewear front frame production is mainly based on CNC-centric equipment specialization and mass production.