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Rolling and polishing process of acetate eyewear

21-10-11 15:32:33    By Bestsea eyewear

The eyewear that we see in counters or optical shops are shiny, with perfect flowing lines, But this is not the case before they are packaged and shipped to the market. What did you do to make them so beautiful? That is, they have gone through the process of rolling and polishing. Today I will take everyone to learn about the rolling and polishing process of acetate eyewear frames.

The front frame and temple of the eyewear processed by CNC are not shiny. They must be rolled and polished to make the surface of the acetate eyewear full of luster.

The rolling process is mainly to use wooden rolling grains and corresponding abrasives to polish and grind the surface of the shaped eyewear frame and temples to make the surface of the frame and temples smooth and full of luster. According to the different stages of rolling, the production process can be divided into four production processes: rough rolling, semi-medium rolling, semi-fine rolling and fine rolling.

In each stage of the rolling polishing process, manual polishing is also carried out. Corresponding to the four processes of the rolling polishing process, polishing is also divided into initial polishing, intermediate polishing, fine polishing and smooth polishing. The specific process is after rough rolling, rough polishing is required, some rough or uneven surfaces are smoothed, then semi-medium rolling is carried out, after coming out, medium polishing is carried out, and then semi-finish rolling and fine rolling are carried out. After, perform artificial fine polishing.

The rolling production process is actually a connection point between the front-end production process and the back-end production process. The production of front-end eyewear frames and temples is centered on mechanical processing, which changes the appearance of the product, while the rolling production process is It is a production process that uses roller particles and abrasives to process the surface of the frame and the temples.

The quality of the rolling and polishing process is one of the most important links in the quality control of eyewear. For different styles of acetate eyewear, different eyewear manufacturers' materials, and different eyewear structures, we must carefully study their characteristics, how to use suitable rolling materials, oil rolling, and roller time, only in this way can we achieve the best rolling effect. At the same time, every detail in the polishing process must be strictly controlled. This requires the management and technical personnel of these links to have a high standard.

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