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How to adjust eyewear?

21-07-21 20:27:57    By Bestsea eyewear

After wearing eyewear for a period of time, the eyewear will appear deformed and loose. With the deformation of the eyewear, the wearer may experience confusion, distortion, dizziness, and fatigue. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust eyewear regularly. So, how to adjust eyewear?Sharing from QC of Chinese eyewear manufacturers.

adjust eyewear

Since each person's face shape, nose and ears have different relative orientations, the eyewear should be adjusted according to their own characteristics when they are fitted with eyewear, so that they can fit tightly and are comfortable to wear, without excessive pressure on the nose and ears. After wearing eyewear, they should be in contact It is advisable to have no tenderness, and the eyewear of the hanging head does not slip off. In addition to the adjusted face curvature, the opening angle of the temples, and the forward inclination angle of the adjusted eyewear, they must meet the requirements of the face shape of the eyewear wearer. After the eyewear are assembled, basic adjustments will be made to make them meet the basic standard requirements, but this kind of basic adjustment eyewear does not match the wearer’s head shape, face shape and psychological needs, so after receiving the eyewear, you can fine-tuning. Due to the limited equipment in the family, the choice of the heater can be replaced by a hair dryer and warm water heating.

adjust eyewear 

Eyewear, the index finger and middle finger of the other hand is supported on the inner surface of the horizontal eyebrow, and the thumb is pushed inward on the surface of the frame to the required angle to stop .

Step 3: the eyewear is tight, wearing a squeeze feeling: hold the eyewear in one hand, hold the temple in the other hand, and gradually open it to the desired angle. Note: The metal eyewear or titanium eyewear can save the heating step.

How to adjust eyewear 2: The eyewear and surface orientation is suitable, but the left and right lenses are uneven after wearing the eyewear, the concave and convex of the temple can be adjusted. The adjustment method is as follows:

Step 1: If the right eyeglass lens has a higher orientation after wearing the eyewear, adjust the right eyeglass temple up, or the left eyeglass temple angle down, and vice versa.

Step 2:  Use a heater to heat the post of the lens holder (when heating, don’t directly touches the lens).

Step 3: Hold the holder in one hand, pinch the mirror foot with the other hand, and gently pull it in the desired direction to a suitable angle to stop. Note: The metal eyewear can save the heating step.

How to adjust eyewear 3: The eyewear surface orientation of the eyewear is suitable, but the curvature of the back of the temple does not match the ear summation, and the tightness of the fit is poor. The length of the bending point of the temple can be adjusted. The adjustment method is as follows

Step 1: Wear the frame on the face to find the desired bending position and make a mark.

Step 2: Use a heater to heat the vertical bending part and then straighten it.

Step 3: Fix the upper part with one hand, place the thumb of the other hand on the direction of the desired bending point, place the index finger and middle finger on the upper part of the bending point, and bend the temple bending point downward and inward. After adjustment Make it touch the ears warmly.

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