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The advantages and care of wooden glasses

22-08-03 16:15:28    By Bestsea eyewear

Wooden glasses belongs to the natural material glasses frame. The glasses frame made of natural material has different glossiness, is relatively light in weight, durable and has high preservation value. Especially high-end wooden glasses are more expensive because they are made of relatively precious wood, the materials are relatively rare, and the craftsmanship is relatively complicated.

The raw materials of wooden glasses are mainly beech, red sandalwood, white wood and imported mahogany, etc. The colors are also very different, and the characteristics of each wood are also different; for example, the characteristics are relatively heavy, durable, and impact resistance. It has good toughness and can make various shapes, with clear texture, uniform texture and soft tone. It is one of the most visible woods for making wooden eyewear. Compared with other eyewear materials, because wood has the characteristics of high hardness, not easy to deform and easy to crack, the processing technology of wooden eyewear is also more complicated, and the loss in the production process is also relatively large, and its shape must be entirely cut. Therefore, the price of wood glasses is also relatively high. Especially for some high-end wooden glasses, on the basis of modern machines, combined with traditional carpenter craftsmanship, such as the following Wooden Sunglasses with tenon-and-mortise structure, the beautiful classical culture can be reproduced again before the world. It is a pair of glasses, but also a high-end work of art.
round wooden sunglasses with mirror sunlens
Wooden glasses frames can be combined with other materials, such as metal, titanium, acetate and horn materials, etc., which not only enriches the style and structure of wood glasses, but also has the characteristics of other materials, making it easier to integrate into the current fashion. It can be arbitrarily matched with a variety of clothing, reflecting personality and style. For example, the following pair of wood and metal eyewear has both the natural quality of wood and a metallic texture.
round wooden optical frames with metal
What are the advantages and disadvantages of wooden glasses? There are probably the following points:
1. Natural wood has a unique touch and beautiful texture, and natural wood glasses have a unique texture of time after a long time.
wood frame glasses
unique texture
2. The material of wooden glasses comes from nature and is completely harmless to the skin, unlike the material of some eyewear, which may cause allergic phenomena to some people.
3. Wooden glasses are lighter. TR90 density is generally around 1.2. Plastic sheet density is generally about 1.35. The density of aluminum-magnesium alloy is about 2.8. The density of titanium alloy is generally about 4.5. The wood density range is: ≤0.350 to >0.950. Generally, mahogany, rosewood, sour twig are about 0.6, and sandalwood will be larger. Therefore, the specific gravity of wood is undoubtedly the lightest of all materials.
4. Due to the poor flexibility of the wood material, it is very hard to wear and the comfort is not good enough. In order to prevent the corrosion of the sweat and the deformation of the material, the pretreatment often affects the texture.
5. The fitting degree of wooden glasses is average. The inability to adjust the curvature of the temples at will is a flaw in wooden glasses. However, precise camber customization, aided by elastic fittings, can already solve the fit problem.
precise customization
Good wooden glasses require careful selection of materials, ingenious workmanship, accurate size, modern craftsmanship and traditional techniques. A pair of high-end wood glasses is often expensive. To maintain your Wood Glasses, please do the following:
1. When not in use, first wipe it with a special lens cloth and place it in the glasses case;
wood glasses box
2. When bathing, sauna, and swimming, the glasses should be properly preserved - to avoid corrosion and damage to the glasses caused by water vapor or seawater.
3. If the glasses are placed on the table, do not connect the convex surface of the lens to the tabletop - to avoid the lens surface being worn.
4. Do not put the glasses in direct sunlight or on the heating pack to prevent the frame from being deformed and discolored.
5. Wear and remove your wooden glasses with both hands to avoid deform.


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