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The advantages and disadvantages of carbon fiber glasses

23-05-06 12:19:49    By Bestsea eyewear

Glasses are one of the most common daily necessities, such as optical glasses and sunglasses. And there are also many materials for glasses. Currently, popular eyewear materials include acetate, metal, titanium, as well as natural horn and wood, which correspond to acetate glasses, metal glasses, titanium glasses, horn glasses, and wood glasses. And another type of glasses is relatively rare, which is carbon fiber glasses.

Below is a pair of carbon fiber sunglasses with dual rivet hinge.
 carbon fiber sunglasses with a double bridge
Carbon fiber was chosen for its light weight and high tensile strength. Carbon fiber frames made of carbon fiber materials feel significantly lighter than traditional metal frames. In addition, carbon fiber frames are impact resistant, have high hardness, wear resistance, are not easily deformed, do not fade, are not allergic to skin, and are not easily corroded or rusted. They are very convenient to use in daily life or during exercise. This article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of carbon fiber glasses.
The following is a pair of carbon fiber sunglasses made of carbon fiber material.
 carbon fiber sunglasses made of carbon fiber material
The advantages of carbon fiber glasses mainly include:
1. Carbon fiber glasses frame is lightweight. We know that titanium glasses are relatively lightweight, while carbon fiber glasses are lighter, only about three-fifths of the weight of titanium glasses.
2. Carbon fiber glasses frame is strong resilience. Carbon fiber is mainly made of carbon, which is the core element of diamonds, so it is very strong and subjected to 7 to 9 times the stress of steel. 
3. Carbon fiber glasses frame is corrosion resistance. At the same time, it also has advantages such as high temperature resistance and radiation resistance, which can adapt to various complex environments for use.
4. Carbon fiber glasses frame is not allergic. Carbon fiber does not cause allergies to the skin and is a very skin friendly eyewear material.
5. Carbon fiber glasses frame is very sturdy. Because carbon fiber has carbon at its core, it's very strong. So the carbon fiber glasses made from it are durable and last a long time.
Below is a pair of fiber frame glasses with metal temples.
 fiber frame glasses with metal temples
The above mentioned some advantages of carbon fiber glasses, but are there any disadvantages? 
1. The manufacturing process of carbon fiber glasses frames is complicated. There are not many manufacturers that can turn carbon fiber materials into complex carbon fiber glasses. 
2. The cost of carbon fiber glasses frames is relatively high. Carbon fiber is an expensive material, so carbon fiber glasses made from carbon fiber will be more expensive. 
3.Carbon fiber is relatively brittle, so it may break when bent to a certain extent, which is not as tough as metal. 
4. Carbon fiber glasses frames are monochromatic. Most of the carbon fiber glasses we see are black. Other colors of carbon fiber glasses are spray-on, or colors from other components of the composite. 
5. The process of carbon fiber glasses frames is relatively simple. Unlike other metals, carbon fiber cannot be welded and can only be fixed together by screws, rivets and other processes, which greatly limits the diversity of carbon fiber glasses. 
Below is a half frame carbon fiber glasses frames, stainless steel front frame plating in gold.
 half frame carbon fiber glasses frames
In general, carbon fiber glasses have been favored by many people, especially as sports glasses, due to their ultra-light weight and good toughness. However, the color of carbon fiber glasses is relatively single, and the limitations of technology limit the popularity of carbon fiber glasses.
Title: The advantages and disadvantages of carbon fiber glasses 
Key words: Advantages of carbon fiber glasses, disadvantages of carbon fiber glasses 
Description: Carbon fiber is an ultra light eyewear with good toughness, providing great comfort and safety. This article describes the advantages and disadvantages of carbon fiber glasses, so as to better understand the carbon fiber glasses.


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