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Advantages of memory glasses

23-01-06 11:06:16    By Bestsea eyewear

What are the advantages of memory glasses?

Compared with traditional glasses, the memory glasses has the function of memory shape. It is often heard that consumers complain that their glasses are accidentally broken or twisted. Yes, acetate glasses, metal glasses and titanium glasses that are common in the market are prone to this problem. Is there a kind of glasses that is not afraid of falling or bending? Such glasses do exist, and they are memory metal glasses. This article mainly let you know what the advantages of memory glasses frame.
memory metal temple
The memory glasses refers to the glasses frame made of memory metal in some parts such as the middle bridge or temples of the glasses. The biggest feature of the memory glasses is that it has the function of memory shape, no matter how you bend it, it can return to its original shape, as if it has a memory function. At the same time, memory metal has another characteristic that it will not rust in water for a long time, so it is widely used in many industries, such as glasses industry, photography industry, military industry, medical industry and so on. The memory glasses frame is also relatively light, so it is favored by many consumers.
memory middle bridge
Advantage of memory glasses 01: It has excellent elasticity. The memory metal glasses frame has super elasticity, so it will never be deformed, no matter how you twist or bend it, even 360-degree bending, it can quickly return to its original shape when you release your hand.
Advantage of memory glasses 02: durable. Memory metal has stable performance and can automatically return to its original shape. At the same time, it also has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, so the memory glasses frame is very durable. Although its price will be slightly more expensive, but its service life will be longer, it is worth having.
Advantage of memory glasses 03: Very strong.Because memory metal has super toughness and strength, you can wear it as you like, don’t worry about damage caused by accidentally bending or falling.
In addition, memory metal glasses are generally lighter. The quality of the memory metal is lighter than that of ordinary metals. This metal is very strong, so in order to obtain better elasticity, the memory metal part is generally designed to be thinner, and there is no need to worry about it breaking.
Super elastic, strong, durable and light, more comfortable to wear, these are some of the advantages of memory metal glasses.


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