What kind of existence is aluminium in eyewear materials?

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Pure aluminum is relatively soft, silvery white, and malleable. In the production of eyewear, other metals are usually added to aluminum to become aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy is light in weight, good in corrosion resistance, has certain hardness, and has good cold forming characteristics. The surface can be processed into a thin and hard oxide layer, which can be dyed into various colors. The gaskets at the joints of the temples of the titanium eyewear frame are made of aluminum alloy, and there are also aluminum alloys for the whole pair of eyewear, which are more colorful.


Compared with metal eyewear frames, aluminum eyewear: 1. Relatively light weight; 2. Corrosion and sweat resistance; 3. High strength and extrusion resistance; 4. High wear resistance; 5. Safety and environmental protection.

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Let's take one of the aluminum alloy eyewear, magnesium-aluminum alloy eyewear as an introduction:

Magnesium-aluminum alloy material: Magnesium-aluminum alloy eyewear frames are relatively high-end products in eyewear frames. They are made of high-end magnesium-aluminum alloys. They have ultra-high hardness and light texture. They have good affinity with the skin and will not cause allergies phenomenon, deeply favored by high-quality people.

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1. Magnesium-aluminum eyewear cannot be colored by electroplating, and need to be colored by anodizing, which has the characteristics of stable color and not easy to paint off.

2. The nose pads are connected by riveting

3. Use rubber foot covers

4. Use spring temples

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