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Surface treatment of aluminum eyewear

21-12-02 14:53:40    By Bestsea eyewear

What is the difference between the surface treatment of aluminum eyewear and other eyewear?

In the process of making metal eyewear and titanium eyewear, the metal surface needs to be treated, which can be roughly divided into two ways: electroplating and anodizing.

Electroplating is suitable for all kinds of metal and nonmetal surface treatment, as long as the reasonable surface treatment, all kinds of metal and non-metal can be electroplated. Even if it is a thin leaf, as long as the proper treatment, can be electroplated. Different from anodic oxidation, the electroplated material is used as the cathode, the plated metal is electrified as the anode, the plated metal exists in the state of metal ions in the electrolyte, through the charge effect, the anode metal ions move to the cathode, and deposited on the cathode electroplating material, the more common plated metal is near, silver, copper, nickel, zinc and so on. 

The surface treatment of aluminum eyewear is different from that of other eyewear. The most commonly used surface treatment of aluminum alloy materials is anodic oxidation. After anodic oxidation, the surface is better in appearance, stronger in corrosion resistance, and easier to take care of,get all the colors you want.

Aviator sunglasses aluminum

Aluminum eyewear of various colors

Anodic oxidation is through the oxidation of aluminum as an anode, through the voltage current electrolytic oxidation, so that the surface of the material to form a layer of dense oxide film, this layer of oxide film is its own oxide.

Aluminum plate

Aluminum plate

Therefore, anodic oxidation and electroplating belong to surface treatment, both can achieve beautiful, corrosion resistance effect, but the two are essentially different. Electroplating is the physical effect of adding another metal protective layer on the surface of the original material, while anodic oxidation is the electrochemical oxidation of a layer of metal surface.

The anodizing process of aluminum glasses is rarely done by eyewear factoy. If you are struggling to find a factory to make aluminum eyewear, if you happen to see this article, then it is fate and opportunity, welcome to contact us!

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