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Buffalo horn glasses are real handmade glasses

23-08-04 20:53:53    By Bestsea eyewear

All the materials used in horn frame glasses come from nature. Compared to other types of glasses, such as acetate glasses, metal glasses, or titanium glasses. The manufacturing process of horn glasses is more complex, and most of the manufacturing process must be completed by hand, it can be said that they are real buffalo horn glasses.

real handmade buffalo horn glasses

As handmade buffalo horn eyeglasses, commonly used horn materials include buffalo horns, yak horns, and some sheep horns, all of which are taken from naturally dead buffalo or sheep. These horns undergo processes such as soaking, pressing, air drying, and then selecting the appropriate thickness to make the frame. Due to the high hardness and toughness of natural ox horns, they are difficult to shape, and during cutting, there may be cracks caused by inherent bubbles, making it difficult to control the loss of ox horns in production. It can be said that the manufacturing of buffalo horn glasses has very high requirements for eyewear manufacturers. Even in Shenzhen, only a few professional horn glasses factories can produce high-quality buffalo glasses.
Grinding horn frame
Nevertheless, there are still many high-end eyewear brands that will continue to produce natural handmade buffalo glasses. For example, famous brands such as LINDBERG, OLIVER, Hoffmann, CARTIER, etc. Why? Mainly because cow horn glasses have advantages that other materials of glasses do not have. For example, human skin will not be allergic to pure natural horn glasses, and the horn has pores, which can adjust the temperature, without thermal expansion. After wearing the horn glasses for a long time, the temperature will be close to the temperature of the human body, which is a comfort that other materials cannot provide. Another thing is that each ox horn has a unique pattern, and even after being made into ox horn glasses, they will become different over time. Natural, rare, and unique are the characteristics of cow horn glasses. A pair of high-quality horn glasses, which have all the functions of a pair of glasses, but it is also a piece of art worth having.
real horn frames
Speaking of handmade horn frame glasses, many people think of the Danish brand LINDBERG. LINDBERG's horn glasses are one of the best buffalo horn glasses, perfectly combining the horn with aviation titanium materials. As early as 2015, LINDBERG released the world's lightest and thinnest cow horn glasses. It seems that even with cow horn materials, LINDBERG still "never forgets its original intention" to pursue lightweight, and lightweight and comfort are important reasons why many consumers choose LINDBERG.
Lindberg buffalo and titanium frame
Select the highest quality horn materials from a group of horn materials, and only use the highest quality part to make a horn board. Then, go through more than 150 processes, most of which are manually completed. Only experienced and skilled masters can complete these tasks. This is also why buffalo horn glasses are called pure handmade glasses.

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