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Which is better, carbon fiber glasses or titanium glasses?

23-05-13 13:49:54    By Bestsea eyewear

 Carbon fiber glasses are a very good material emerging in the market, and titanium glasses frames have always been particularly popular in the market. Both glasses have their own advantages. To know which is better, carbon fiber glasses or titanium glasses, you must first understand the two materials. 

Below is a pair of carbon fiber sunglasses.

Carbon fiber sunglasses with rivet hinge and solid black Sunlens

Carbon fiber, also known as black gold, is a modern high-strength fiber material that is aesthetically pleasing, ultra-light, anti-allergic and highly durable. Carbon fiber materials are widely used in the aerospace field, military field, sporting goods, automobile industry, and as glasses materials, etc. As more and more brands begin to use its super strength to manufacture high-quality carbon fiber glasses frames and carbon fiber sunglasses, it is also favored by more and more people.
Titanium is a metal element. It has unique high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, strong acid resistance, strong alkali resistance, high strength, and low density. It is called "space metal". Because of the characteristics of titanium, titanium has been widely used for many years. It has broad application prospects in the fields of aerospace, weaponry, energy, chemical industry, metallurgy, construction and transportation. Titanium glasses made of titanium are also very popular and loved by many consumers.
Titanium glasses frames with dual color
Both carbon fiber glasses and titanium glasses are the lightest glasses of all materials, much lighter than traditional metal or plastic materials, making them a great choice for those who lead an active lifestyle or need durable glasses. In comparison, carbon fiber glasses are lighter, about 27% lighter than titanium glasses.
Both carbon fiber glasses and titanium glasses have the advantage of impact resistance. Carbon fiber eyeglass frames are hard, wear-resistant, not easy to deform, fade, and it is also impact-resistant, which means they can withstand accidental drops or knocks without breaking easily. It is better than titanium glasses at this point.
Another advantage of carbon fiber material is its biocompatibility, often used in medical equipment, it does not cause allergic reactions, corrosion or rust. So carbon fiber glasses are completely environmentally friendly and harmless to the skin.
comfortable to wear. Both carbon fiber glasses and titanium glasses are lightweight, so they are both comfortable to wear. Carbon fiber is lighter than titanium, so carbon fiber glasses have an advantage in this regard.
The various parts of titanium glasses can be completed by traditional craft and welding processes, but the process involved in making glasses with carbon fiber is very complicated, so there are not many manufacturers that can manufacture high-end carbon fiber glasses.
Carbon fiber has strong stretchability, but it is easy to break when it exceeds a certain limit. Titanium glasses are not easy to break.
Once the carbon fiber glasses are deformed, it is difficult to adjust and must be completed by professional technicians. The titanium spectacle frame is much easier, as long as you have certain skills, you can complete it.
The original color of carbon fiber is black, and it can only change its color by spraying oil on the surface, so there are great restrictions. Titanium glasses are different, it can be IP plated, or color spraying and other processes, the color is very rich, this is why titanium glasses are more popular.
Carbon fiber materials are more expensive than titanium, which is one of the reasons that affect the popularity of carbon fiber glasses.
Both titanium and carbon fiber materials are very good materials, so when making glasses, the two materials are often combined together. For example, the following pair of carbon fiber glasses frames, the front frame is made of carbon fiber, and the spleen is made of strong and durable beta titanium Material.
Carbon fiber glasses combined beta titanium temples
All in all, carbon fiber glasses and titanium glasses have their own advantages and disadvantages. Titanium glasses have richer colors and are not easy to break. Carbon fiber glasses are lighter and more durable, but their disadvantages are also obvious, such as more expensive, and difficult to repair after damage. Therefore, which one is better, carbon fiber glasses or titanium glasses, will depend on the personal preferences of consumers.

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