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Causes of dizziness when wearing sunglasses

22-10-17 11:13:53    By Bestsea eyewear

Sunglasses are important fashion products, and are the best fashion matching to show personality. There are many styles and types of Eyewear. For example, the more popular acetate eyewear is now very suitable to match various clothing, which is loved by everyone. There are also many other options, such as metal eyewear, titanium eyewear, and horn glasses and wooden glasses made of natural materials, which enriched everyone's range of choice. However, when you choose sunglasses, you are not only considering the role of dressing, but also the effect of eye protection,which is an important tool for sun  protection in summer.

fashion sunglasses
Some people feel dizzy when wearing sunglasses. If your sunglasses are bought on the street stalls and wearing dizziness, then the sunglasses you buy are unqualified. Such substandard sunglasses will not protect your eyes, but will also hurt your eyes.
Generally speaking, if you choose sunglasses, it is mostly plain glasses. If you have normal vision, wearing sunglasses with a certain degree will aggravate eye fatigue, and you will feel dizzy when looking at things, so you must choose a regular glasses store. The definition of the lenses will be poor if the sunglasses are not qualified.When watching things through the lens, watching while moving, if you find that things are jumping, it proves that the lens is unqualified. If you look at things with such sunglasses, you will naturally feel dizzy and damage your vision.
If you wear sunglasses, you will feel dizzy, which may be caused by uneven or deformation of the lens surface. You can carefully observe the surface of the lens. If you find uneven or wavy, this may be caused by poor quality of the lens itself, or unqualified loading. Don't use this sunglasses, it will damage your eyes.
Qualified lenses
Qualified lenses
usually feel dizzy when they wear glasses that are higher than their own degree. Therefore, for those who wear myopia sunglasses, accurate optometry is necessary. Customize the lens according to your optometry data.
If you feel dizzy when wearing sunglasses, it may also be caused by wearing them for too long. Many people wear sunglasses regardless of time and occasion, whether in places with strong light, dark places or watching TV. In fact, this method of wearing sunglasses is wrong. Because sunglasses have the function of shading, wearing sunglasses reduces the penetration of light and dilates the pupils.
If you still wear sunglasses with insufficient light, it will increase the adjustment of the eyes, and the eyes are also easy to fatigue. If you wear sunglasses for a long time, your eyes will become more tired and you will feel dizzy. It is generally recommended that you wear them in the sun. If you wear sunglasses in a cool place, you should take them off to keep eyes in a natural state, which is good for your eyes and vision.

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