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The charm of buffalo horn glasses

23-03-05 11:13:34    By Bestsea eyewear

 What’s the charm of buffalo horn glasses?

A good pair of glasses should not only protect your eyes, but also be easy and comfortable to wear,
But I think a good pair of glasses should also be unique.......
There are many kinds of materials for making glasses, here we only talk about natural buffalo horn,
Each cow has different growth conditions, such as environment, climate, food, etc,
And different parts, such as the root, the middle section and the tip of horn, have different colors and texture,
Each pair of buffalo horn glasses is made from different horns, different parts, 
So the texture and color of each pair are unique,
In this world, there can't be a second pair of identical horn glasses, 
Just as there will never be another identical you in this world.
What's the charm of buffalo horn glasses? 
In addition to each being unique, 
The moist color is also incomparable to other glasses material, 
And the color changes depending on who owns them, 
So everyone grows their own horn color, 
Just like giving new life to these buffalo horn glasses , 
This is you own glasses!
What's the charm of buffalo horn glasses
It is your most trustworthy intimate partner,
The horn is a pure natural material and will not cause allergic reactions to the skin.
There are also capillary pores on the horns, which can be adjusted as the temperature changes.
Wearing it, it seems to breathe and grow together with your skin.
The material of every pair of buffalo horn glasses, 
All from the horns of cows that died of natural causes, 
No cruel killing, only the continuation of life, 
It was the horn glasses that gave it new life.
These natural horn materials from South Africa, Asia and South America,
More than 152 handcrafted,
Finally, presenting this perfect art craft ,
So every pair of horn glasses is a living art,
You must take care of it as you take care of your skin,
Touch its surface with natural baby cream,
Penetrating into every pore of it,
Moisturizes every inch of its skin,
Make your horn glasses full of luster and sparkle all the time,
And these are the charms of buffalo horn glasses!
Charm of buffalo horn glasses

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