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Choose eyewear according to the temple printing

22-09-26 16:26:26    By Bestsea eyewear

Many people have worn eyewear for many years, but they do not understand what the numbers on the frames mean, and how can these numbers help us when buying glasses? Let's talk about this knowledge.

temple printing

As shown in the figure above, the numbers on the inside of the temple are generally:

QJ7023 represents the model of this frame.

B12 represents the color number of this frame.

52 represents the width of the lens, 18 represents the width of the bridge, and 150 represents the length of the temple.

The calculation method of the interpupillary distance of the frame: Take the above picture as an example, the width of the lens is 52mm, the width of the bridge is 18mm, and the interpupillary distance of the glasses is 52+18=70mm. When an optician is processing a pair of glasses, he needs to measure the interpupillary distance of the frame, subtract the customer's interpupillary distance, and divide it by 2, which is the amount of center shift. Because there may be some errors in the numbers marked on the frame, the processor is based on the actual measurement. For example, a customer with an interpupillary distance of 62 chooses a frame with an interpupillary distance of 70 mm, that is, the amount of center shift = (70-62)/2 = 4mm. The smaller the displacement, the thinner the myopic lenses are. Therefore, we should try to choose glasses with a small displacement,and the more centered the eyeglasses are on the face.The interpupillary distance of the glasses is the best.

After I understand the size of the frame, can I see the size of the glasses when I buy them later to know if they are suitable for me? The answer is not necessarily. When worn on the face, the upper and lower sides should be just right, and the glasses should just pass through the optical center of the lens. It's important to try it on a few more times to see if the it is tight and firm. Different types of glasses, such as Acetate eyewear, Metal eyewear, Titanium eyewear or Buffalo horn glasses made of natural materials, are marked in the same way. We can refer to the relevant instructions above in this article.

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