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Combination of materials for horn glasses

23-02-21 16:25:05    By Bestsea eyewear

Below is a pair of natural horn glasses. We can see from the picture that the front frame and temples of the glasses are made of natural horn materials. They come from some natural horns in India, Asia or America. After a series of complicated production processes , and finally a pair of perfect horn glasses can be completed. In addition to the natural horn material, this pair of glasses is made of metal. If the pad pipe is made of pure titanium, it is tough and durable, and can adjust the pads to the best state at any time; the double rivet hinge and rivets made of cupronickel are plated with 24K gold , let this pair of horn glasses show dignity. So, besides hinges and pipes, what materials can horn glasses use?

natural horn optical glasses

1.Horn glasses made of natural horn material. The above pair of optical horn glasses frames are real horn glasses, except for the pipe, hinges and rivets, the front frame and temples are made of natural horn materials.
2.Horn glasses combined with natural horn material and acetate. The polished horn material has a similar surface effect to the acetate, and the combination of these two materials often produces different effects. The more common one is the acetate front frame with horn temples.
3.Horn glasses that combine natural horn material with wood. The front frame of the following pair of horn glasses is made of two kinds of materials. The surface is a thin layer of wood, and the lower layer is thicker natural horn material, which are perfectly combined by advanced lamination technology.
natural horn glasses with wood
4.Buffalo horn glasses combined with horn material and titanium. The use of titanium in horn glasses is the most common way, such as the following horn optical frame, the front frame is made of natural horn, and the temples are made of Bata titanium material with good elasticity. Because the horn material is hard, and the flexible titanium temples share the force of the front frame, thereby prolonging the service life of the glasses and making them more comfortable to wear.
natural horn optical glasses with titanium temples
5.Horn sunglasses combining natural horn material and metal. Such as the pair of rimless horn sunglasses below, the middle bridge and end piece of the glasses are made of metal , and the temples are made of natural horn. The feeling of the metal is perfectly combined with the natural texture of the horn material.
Horn sunglasses with metal temples
In fact, when making horn glasses, horn materials can be used with many other materials, depending on the design of the style and different manufacturing processes. The above are just some of the ways of combining horn glasses with acetate, wood and titanium, etc. There are many other different colors and combinations to make more colorful horn glasses.

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