Eyewear have been inspected

21-11-08 18:15:34    By Bestsea eyewear

I won't write eyewear news today. I will share with you our delivery real shot, and let everyone know us in an all-round and more real way.

The customer's eyewear have been inspected and are waiting for shipment,On November 6th.

We have strict quality control in every link from raw material to production. Before shipment, our quality inspectors will conduct a detailed inspection of each pair to ensure that each pair that reaches the customer is qualified.

After a final re-examination, you can see these boxes of eyewear, the products here include acetate sunglasses, metal optical frames and titanium optical frames,from design to production to assembly, production quality inspection to shipment QC quality inspection, everything meets our standards and customer requirements before they are boxed and ready for shipment.

Friends, guess where in the world these eyewear are going? Their destination is the Canada.

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