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What are the difficulties in memory glasses processing?

23-02-16 12:25:46    By Bestsea eyewear

In the 1970s, an alloy with the function of "memory" shape appeared in the world material science. This material is called memory metal. It is mainly made of nickel-titanium alloy, which is very easy to be bent, and will quickly return to its original state after being released. The spring also has this function. When the straightened spring is released, it will retract automatically,which can be repeated for many times. Is there a kind of glasses like springs? No matter how twisted or bent you are, will it return to its original state after you release it? Yes, this is Memory Glasses. Memory metal began to be used in the glasses industry in the 1990s, but why hasn't it become popular? The main reason is that there are some difficulties in its production process. What are the difficulties in memory eyewear processing?

What are the difficulties in memory glasses processing 01: Selection of materials. Choosing the right materials is the first step in manufacturing high-quality memory glasses. How to choose high-quality memory metal materials? We know that when manufacturing metal glasses or titanium eyewear, we generally choose according to the structure of glasses, such as brand, hardness, elasticity, etc., while memory metal glasses have higher requirements for materials, which will undergo constant distortion, bending or falling without damage, so we generally choose memory metal materials imported from Japan, and after purchase, we need to carry out the corresponding distortion and bending test, and the low temperature test of minus 10 degrees Celsius. Only after passing the test, we will use it in production.

selection of memory metal materials
What are the difficulties in memory glasses processing 02: welding, which is different from the welding of other metal materials. There is a mature process for the welding of metal glasses and titanium glasses, but the welding of memory metal is different. It should fully consider the firmness of welding and be able to withstand constant distortion and bending. Therefore, when welding, it is necessary to select high-purity high-quality solder materials, and make a special welding mold for each model to make different parts contact closely and increase the welding firmness. At the same time, for some relatively thin memory metal fittings, a metal ring must be welded first, and then the memory metal must be inserted before welding.
welding of metal eyewear
What are the difficulties in memory glasses processing 03: Plating of memory glasses. We generally use IP electroplating. When electroplating, we must select a high-quality electroplating factory, and tell them our requirements and which tests to pass.               
electroplating of memory glasses
After the electroplating, we need to test the adhesion of the electroplating layer. First, use the knife to draw a small square grid on it, and then use 3M adhesive tape to repeatedly test to see if there is any peeling. The second test method is to test the electroplated front frame or temple with the twist and bend tester. After starting, twist or bend it for at least 50 times, and take it out to see if the electroplated coating is damaged.
What are the difficulties in memory glasses processing 04: Testing of memory glasses. Testing is a key link for memory glasses. Each test is very important, such as the test of materials, the test of solder firmness, the test of adhesion of electroplating layer, and test of low temperature resistance at minus 10 degrees. If any test fails, it indicates that the product is unqualified. It can be said that the process of memory glasses is difficult. Strict testing is also one of the factors.
testing of memory glasses
In short, the memory metal glasses frame has higher requirements for quality and technology. So as to produce qualified and high-grade memory metal glasses, pays more attention to every link in the production, electroplating and testing. 


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