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Exaggerated and cute inflatable glasses

23-09-20 18:03:26    By Bestsea eyewear

If you want to have a brighter summer look, wearing a pair of trendy and flashy sunglasses is a simple and quick choice. Among the many sunglasses, the unique inflated sunglasses with their personality and flashy appearance design make you fashionable all summer!

When Loewe launched a brand new inflatable sunglasses in 2021, it immediately attracted the love of many consumers. It is inspired by the creation of inflated balloons, with cat-eye-shaped, lip-shaped, square-shaped, wide frame, round and plump appearance, and exaggerated design as the main features of these glasses. These exaggerated and different exterior designs, boldly paired with bright and eye-catching tones, reveal a bold, interesting, and clumsy cuteness!
inflated sunglasses with 3 styles
These three three-dimensional inflatable sunglasses launched by LOEWE are made with specialized molds and filled with nylon plastic, making them lightweight and comfortable to wear like balloons. There are three styles in total, the more avant-garde Mask adopts an integrated mask-style lens design; The three-dimensional design of the Rectangle, due to the use of a larger frame, has a more decorative effect on the face shape, and is a more manageable style; The third Cateye shaped inflated glasses belong to the fashionable and classic style, which perfectly demonstrates a woman's fashionable attitude.
The inflatable sunglasses are usually made of pure colored sheet materials, such as red, black, white, yellow, blue, etc. Of course, other colors, such as tortoiseshell, can also be used. These colors are more likely to showcase exaggeration and softness in appearance and are easy to match with clothes and skin tone. For many people who have difficulty going out, they are a great tool for going out, no longer struggling to choose which glasses are more suitable for them.
According to the official website of LOEWE, these inflatable sunglasses are all made of high-quality nylon plastic. Usually, to make this type of plastic glasses, a mold needs to be made in advance, and then these plastic particles are heated by an injection molding machine until they dissolve, and then injected into the mold for cooling and forming. The process is the same as ordinary plastic injection glasses.

Acetate inflated glasses with a rounded shape

Front view of Acetate inflated glasses with a rounded shape.

Acetate inflated glasses with a rounded shape-side view

Side view of Acetate inflated glasses with a rounded shape.

And the above inflatable sunglasses made by us, at a glance, you can see the luster that only acetate has. The details, such as hinges, are also perfectly matched, naturally exuding a luxurious texture. We know that to make acetate  glasses, it is necessary to go through more than one hundred processes such as cutting, CNC carving, rolling, polishing, and assembly. However, due to limitations in equipment and technology, it is almost impossible to produce such round inflatable glasses. So how do we make inflatable glasses from acetate fiber? Our technical team has worked hard day and night and continuously tried, finally achieving the desired effect. It has to be said that this is a reform and innovation, and also a victory in the manufacturing technology of acetate glasses.
If you have any questions, we are happy to share the production process with you. If your brand has any similar product ideas and wants to make different inflated glasses to enrich your product types, you can contact us. We are a professional eyewear manufacturer with 17 years of experience in eyewear design and production. Our technology, services, and product quality will be the best complement to your brand. We look forward to establishing a win-win and mutually growing partnership with you. 

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