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Will the eyeball be deformed if I wear eyewear for a long time?

21-11-22 14:28:27    By Bestsea eyewear

Will the eyeball be deformed if I wear eyewear for a long time? Take a look with Bestsea eyewear manufacturer in China.

Wearing eyewear is because of refractive errors such as nearsightedness or farsightedness, and refractive errors such as nearsightedness or farsightedness can cause the eyeball to deform. If the patient itself has refractive errors, it may cause eye deformation regardless of whether the eyewear is worn or not. If you are just ordinary myopia, you don't need to worry about this problem.

wrong eye posture

With regard to prominent eyeballs, the following two points must be understood.

1. Exophthalmos refers to the lengthening of the anterior and posterior diameter of the eyeball. Generally speaking, people with high myopia who are more than 600 degrees will not noticeably protrude the eyeball when wearing eyewear for a long time.

2. Generally, myopia no longer develops after the age of 18, but some people with high myopia will continue to increase the depth every year, and the eye axis will continue to grow. Normally, the eye axis of normal people is between 23-24mm. Studies have shown that for every 1mm increase in the eye axis of high myopia, the degree of myopia increases by 160-300 degrees.

How to wear wear correctly to prevent eyeball deformation?

1. Because some people have not worn eyewear in the past, they can't adapt to the difference between seeing things with eyewear and the real thing. They may experience dizziness, vertigo, or even dare not walk. If this happens, they should stick to eyewear and adapt gradually.

2. If you cannot adapt to the eyewear for a long time, you should further review the lenses to check whether they are consistent with the data of the photometric inspection, including checking whether the pupil distance is consistent with the optical center of the lens.

3. Young people above 600 degrees should wear myopia eyewear frequently, and those with mild degrees below 200 degrees need to wear them when looking far away, and not wearing them when looking near.

4. After wearing wear, pay attention to eye hygiene to prevent the development of myopia.

 pay attention to eye hygiene

5. The protection of the eyewears is very important. You should take them with both hands when taking them to avoid loosening of the temples. When placing the eyewear, try not to touch the table top to avoid abrasion and scratches.

Therefore, wearing wear will not cause eye deformation. The real cause of the deformation is improper eye protection, which deepens myopia and forms eye deformation. We must always pay attention to whether our eyewear are correct and cherish our eyewear.

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