Why can't eyeglasses be produced automatically on a large scale?

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Many people who have visited the electronic product production workshop will have a feeling that the production of electronic products is very automated and machined. Sometimes a production line or a production workshop often has only one or a few people, and one person can sometimes control several automated production lines. But why don't eyeglasses work? This is mainly determined by the production technology of the eyeglasses and market demand. The following is the analysis object of acetate eyewear.

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So, why can't acetate eyewear be produced automatically on a large scale? The first most important factor is market demand. Most eyewear factories know that most of the orders from customers for eyewear are usually a few hundred as the starting point. If you can order 10,000 for each style, it will be very large, and it is impossible for every style to be the same. In addition, even if the order for this one is relatively large this time, next time, if the market trend changes or other factors, it may not be ordered again. This determines that production cannot be automated on a large scale.

The second factor is that the technology of the eyeglasses determines that they cannot be mass-produced automatically. As mentioned earlier, the order quantity of eyeglasses will not be very large, and its sustainability cannot be determined, and the production process will be different for different styles. In order to produce high-quality eyeglasses, the eyewear factory must be based on the structure of each style. The characteristics of different production processes, which determines that a set of exactly the same molds and tools cannot be developed for all eyeglasses, and large-scale automated production cannot be made. Only individual processes, such as CNC links, can be mainly completed by machines.

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The third factor is that many production processes of the eyeglasses must be done manually. We often see hand-made words printed on the temples of some brands to indicate that they are handmade products. In fact, it is true that most of the production process is done by hand, especially the polishing and assembly links. Because each product is different, these links cannot be developed with a unified method or completed with a unified machine.

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In recent years, with the increase in labor, materials, and rent costs, a lot of pressure has been put on the eyewear factory. Although eyeglasses cannot be produced automatically on a large scale like electronic products, we must carefully study in depth, which processes can be replaced by machines, and which processes can be improved by using different molds or tools to improve production efficiency. A problem that an eyewear factory must pay attention to.