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Know the types of eyewear frame from the material

21-09-15 15:57:28    By Bestsea eyewear

When we want to match a pair of eyewear for our increasingly blurred eyes, facing the wide range of eyewear in the counter, often hear the salesperson to us to titanium frame, metal frame or acetate frame, etc., but you do not know these materials at all, so you will feel very confused.In fact, many people know little about the eyewear and the materials of the eyewear frames.Here, let's get some basic knowledge of the materials of the eyewear frames.

The material of the eyewear frame is an important factor to determine its price. The eyewear frame on the market is more than ten RMB, some thousands of RMB, or thousands of RMB. In addition to the brand factor, the most important reason is because of the difference between the eyewear frame material and workmanship.At present, the market mainly has three categories of eyewear frame materials: metal materials, plastic materials and natural materials.Here's the materials for these three eyewears. 

The first is the metallic material.Metal eyewear made from metal material is one of the most popular eyewear containing metal optical frame with metal sunglasses.Metal materials mainly include copper alloy,Montreal alloy, nickel-chromium alloy, memory alloy, stainless steel, open gold frame, platinum frame, etc.Copper alloy is made of mixed copper and other metals.Mainly include zinc cupronickel (copper, nickel and zinc alloy), brass, copper, nickel and zinc and tin alloy, bronze, nickel and copper alloy, etc.Monnell alloy, this material made of the eyewear frame is easy to process, is a highly corrosion resistant alloy, but is less elastic and generally serves as a material for medium and high-end frames.Nickel-chromium alloy, also known as the new alloy, is silver-white in color, with poor elasticity.Memory alloy is ultra-elastic, and relaxed when vigorously bent or tightened, memory alloy will return to its original state and is mostly used to make temple.Pure titanium and B titanium material, titanium is an ultra-lightweight metal, with other materials incomparable light, especially B titanium is elastic, more corrosion resistant than any other metal, corrosion resistance to sweat is stronger than steel.Titanium metal can block 100 percent of the erosion effect is better than platinum, but titanium material is also more expensive, the process is also more complex than the general metal eyewear, so titanium material is one of the main materials of medium and high-grade eyewear.Rare metals such as gold, but because pure gold is soft,So when using gold to make eyewear frames,steel or other metal to increase strength and toughness.However, because gold are expensive, gold alloy eyewear are relatively rare in the market, and gold is more used as a surface treatment material for metal frames. Below is a pair of metal sunglasses.

Metal sunglasses made of stainless steel

The second one is the plastic material.There are mainly two kinds of eyewears made of plastic materials, according to the different production process, can be divided into acetate frame, injection molding frame.The injection molding frame was molded with acetate fiber particles (PC) for extrusion with an injection molding machine.The color of injection plastic eyewears is relatively few, which generally should be achieved in the later stage. In addition, because the production process is relatively simple and the material cost is relatively low, the unit price of eyewear is also relatively low, suitable for mass production, which is one of the main products in the middle and low end.The other one is the acetate eyewear.acetate eyewear are currently one of the most popular eyewear, containing acetate optical frames with acetate sunglasses.The acetate frame is a eyewear frame cut and processed with acetate fiber plate.The characteristics of the acetate is not easy to burn, almost no discoloration due to ultraviolet radiation, hardness is better, durable, not easy to heat processing, acetate eyewear color is more rich, the style is more beautiful, not easy to deformation after wearing, is one of the most popular eyewear at present.

acetate sunglasses

The third one is the natural material.The most common are wood eyewear with buffalo horn glasses.Because the materials of wood eyewear and horn eyewear come from natural, their biggest advantage is that they are completely harmless to the human body, for example, horn also has some benefits to the human body.Wood is wood and bamboo materials, but because the processing process is more complex, the price is more expensive than ordinary eyewear.And the material of horn eyewear is relatively rare, the requirements of horn are very high, often one horn can only take one pieces or two qualified materials, the processing process is also very complex, so the price of horn eyewear are more expensive.

buffalo horn optical


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