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Learn the history of horn glasses through famous brands

This article selects four distinctive and famous brands of buffalo horn glasses, and through learning their different styles, we will help you understand the history of horn glasses.

Buffalo horn glasses are real handmade glasses

The manufacturing process of buffalo horn glasses is more complex and must be completed by hand. Nevertheless, many high-end eyewear brands still continue to make natural horn glasses. Famous brands such as LINDBERG, OLIVER, HOFFMANN, CARTIER, etc.

Shenzhen is the main manufacturing base for high quality glasses

50% of the world's top eyewear brands come from Shenzhen's eyewear manufacturing base, including world-renowned high-end brands such as Louis Vuitton, Armani, Gucci, and Cartier.Good quality is the foundation of Shenzhen eyewear.

Horn Glasses Combined with Wood

Both wood and horn are natural materials with unique and natural colors and textures. Therefore, horn glasses combined with wood can always give people a different feeling.

Which is better, carbon fiber glasses or titanium glasses?

Which is better, carbon fiber glasses or titanium glasses? Carbon fiber glasses and titanium glasses have their own advantages and disadvantages, it will depend on the personal preferences of consumers.

Making of carbon fiber glasses

How to make carbon fiber glasses? From the carbon fiber materials, and detail of the cutting, bending, tumbling and polishing, spraying, assembly, and quality inspection, let's we know more clearly how to making carbon fiber glasses.

The advantages and disadvantages of carbon fiber glasses

Carbon fiber is an ultra light glasses with good toughness, providing great comfort and safety. This article describes the advantages and disadvantages of carbon fiber glasses, so as to better understand the carbon fiber glasses.

Material of carbon fiber glasses

As a lightweight and high-strength material, carbon fiber glasses are loved by many people because of their lightness and good toughness, especially in the field of sports glasses. Let's learn more about carbon fiber materials.

Buffalo horn glasses using instructions

Horn glasses have a long history and are still popular with many glasses wearers today. Here, you will learn more about the care of horn glasses, the use of horn glasses and the lenses of horn glasses, etc.

Horn glasses are one of the most environmentally friendly glasses

Horn is a sustainable material, animals are not killed for horns, they are a by-product of agriculture. So horn materials are ethically sourced, and horn glasses are one of the most environmentally friendly glasses available today.


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