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Test methods for memory glasses

The production and quality control of memory glasses is higher than that of ordinary glasses. From materials to finished products, a series of tests are required. In this article, we will learn about the main tests of memory glasses from materials

Introduction of memory glasses

The cost of memory metal is relatively high, the processing is more difficult, and the sales price of memory glasses is high. However, because of its characteristics of never deformation...

Advantages of memory glasses

What are the advantages of memory glasses? The biggest feature of memory glasses is the function of memory shape with durable,flexible and strong. Let us understand the main advantages of memory eyeglass frames.

What are the benefits of acetate frames?

What are the benefits of acetate frames?acetate glasses can be liked by people, acetate glasses have certain elasticity, environmental protection materials, easy processing, diverse styles, rich colors and easy to match with clothing.

The factors that determine the quality of optical glasses

It's easy to choose the shape of glasses. You just have to look, try and choose what you like. But for myopia glasses, you need to pay attention to more than that. Summarize some factors that determine the quality of optical glasses, hoping to......

Introduction of resin lens

Resin lens is the most common type of lens at present. For example, the most popular acetate glasses at present use CR-39 resin lens as the sun lens, while metal glasses and titanium frames often use CR-39 resin lens besides nylon lens.

Maintenance method of sunglasses

For those who like sunglasses, of course, the longer sunglasses are used, the better. After all, the price is not cheap. This article will share with you some maintenance methods for sunglasses.

How to prolong the service life of sunglasses?

If you buy your favorite sunglasses, you must want to protect them and extend their service life as much as possible. So, what methods can prolong the service life of sunglasses?

Causes of dizziness when wearing sunglasses

If you feel dizzy after wearing sunglasses, the sunglasses you bought should be unqualified. Such unqualified sunglasses will not protect your eyes, but also hurt your eyes.

Points to note when buying eyewear online

What are the precautions for online shopping? When you buy eyewear online, you must consider all factors, such as brand, style, color and data, to see if they are suitable for you.


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