The advantages and care of wooden glasses

Wooden glasses belongs to the natural material glasses frame. The glasses frame made of natural material has different glossiness, is relatively light in weight, durable and has high preservation value. Especially high-end wooden glasses are more...

What are the main materials of high-end wooden glasses?

some new breakthroughs have been made in materials and eyewear production technology,this also brings new business opportunities and new elements to the eyewear industry,This article mainly talks about the main materials of high-end wooden glasses.

Introduction to our wooden glasses

Here, we first would like to stress that the wooden glasses at this page are not made by ourselves. All are made by Kaidi Glasses Co., Ltd. The founder is Mr. Xu Jiangtao. These upgrade wooden glasses are based on the design concept of fashion...

The production process of wooden glasses

Both wooden glasses and horn glasses are made of natural material. However their production processes are different. The production process of wooden glasses is roughly as follows.

Best sunglasses lenses

What's the best sunglasses lenses? Good eyewear must be fitted good lenses. Hope this page will be helpful to you choose the right sunglasses lenses.

Do you know how to identify pure titanium glasses?

Do you know how to identify pure titanium glasses? Titanium is widely used in the eyewear industry because it is not easy to deform, fade, and has strong stability. Spectacle frames made of titanium can highlight noble taste and elegant temperament.

Production process of titanium eyewear

How does Bestsea produce titanium eyewear? Titanium eye frames are divided into pure titanium eye frames and Beta titanium eye frames. Pure titanium eyeglasses frames are more and more popular with consumers.

What is TR90 eyeglasses?

What is a TR90 eyeglasses? what are the characteristics of the TR90 glasses frames material? The TR90 eyeglass frame is about half the weight of the acetate eyewear and 85% of the nylon material......

How do we control the lens quality?

In a pair of eyewear, the quality of the lenses plays a crucial role in the protection of vision. Whether it is a customer's sample or bulk, we will choose high-quality lenses. A good pair of eyewear must not be destroyed by a poor pair...

how we make the acetate lamination eyewear?

Among these eyewear, some acetate eyeglasses are spliced together by two or more colors of sheets, which are the lamination eyewear that this article is going to talk about.