Rolling and polishing process of acetate eyewear

What did you do to make them so beautiful? That is, they have gone through the process of rolling and polishing. Today I will take everyone to learn about the rolling and polishing process of acetate eyewear frames.

How is a beautiful pair of acetate eyewear assembled?

We saw a pair of beautiful and fashionable eyewear in the store. Do you know how a pair of beautiful acetate eyewear frames are assembled?

Production process of acetate eyewear temples

The temples of the acetate eyewear are generally completed independently, and then assembled on the front frame of the eyewear after completion. The temples are one of the most important parts of eyewear.

What kind of existence is aluminium in eyewear materials?

Compared with metal eyewear frames, aluminum eyewear: 1.Relatively light weight; 2. Corrosion and sweat resistance; 3. High strength and extrusion resistance; 4. High wear resistance; 5.Safety and environmental protection.

How about aluminum eyewear frames

How about aluminum eyewear frames? The aluminum eyewear themselves are made of metal, which is a kind of aluminum eyewear. The aluminum eyewear has the shiny texture of the fashionable acetate eyewear...

What is titanium eyewear frame?

Titanium eyewear frames are middle and high-end consumer goods. In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards in my country, the domestic demand for titanium eyewear has rapidly...

what are the advantages of titanium eyewear frames?

Advantages of titanium eyewear frames: 1.Titanium is a pure metal with a specific gravity of 4.5, high toughness, no magnetic reaction, and no skin allergy. It is widely used in aerospace technology, jewelry...

The difference between pure and beta titanium frames

The titanium eyewear frames is 48% lighter than the general metal eyewear frames, and has the advantages of strong toughness, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, high stability...

Why can't eyeglasses be produced automatically on a large scale?

In recent years, with the increase in labor, materials, and rent costs, a lot of pressure has been put on the eyewear factory. Although eyeglasses cannot be produced automatically on a large scale...

Process of front frame of acetate eyewear

Acetate eyewear are currently one of the most popular eyewear, including acetate optical frame and acetate sunglasses. However, the production process of acetate eyewear is much more complicated than...