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How many types of eyewear lenses are there?

21-08-23 15:58:46    By Bestsea eyewear

Lenses are one of the most important parts of eyewear. If they are types by function, which eyewear lenses are there?Let Bestsea eyewear manufacturer tell you.This article mainly introduces what kind of eyewear lenses by the function. There are Sunlens, optical lenses, reading lenses, Demo lens, poly Sunlens, etc.

Types of eyewear lenses 1: Sunlens. Sunlens are mainly used on various kinds of sunglasses, including acetate sunglasses, metal sunglasses, etc. Sunlens are based on white lenses, which are colored through a special process, or a layer of film is added on the surface. Generally there are single color and progressive color lenses. The function of each color lens is also different. For details, please refer to our "What are the functions of sunglasses" page. Sunlens are mainly used in sunglasses with different materials and functions, such as acetate sunglasses, metal sunglasses, horn sunglasses, etc.

acetate sunglasses

Types of eyewear lenses 2: Optical lenses. Optical lenses are mainly spectacles with degrees. Nowadays,With more and more electronic devices, people often deal with these electronic devices, which are very harmful to people's eyes, so more and more people are nearsighted. Optical lenses are suitable for optical frames of various materials. Optical lenses are mainly used in optical eyewear with different materials and functions, such as acetate optical, metal optical, titanium optical, etc.

Optical lenses

Optical lenses

Types of eyewear lenses 3: Reading lenses. Reading lenses are mainly wear by older people. As we get older, it will gradually become difficult to read or work at close range. This is a phenomenon of human body function aging. Most people will start to have this kind of situation when they are around 40-45 years old. First of all, they feel that the small handwriting is blurry, and books and newspapers must be taken away to see the writing clearly. Reading lenses must be wear at this time. Presbyopia lenses are generally more suitable for various lighter eyewear frames.

reading glasses

Reading glasses

Types of eyewear lenses 4: Demo lenses. Demo lenses is also called a decorative lenses, which is a lens used to fix and beautify the frame of the optical frame before the myopia lenses is installed. It is generally composed of AC material and is a transparent lens with no color. AC lens are generally used for optical frames.

optical frame

Optical frames

Types of eyewear lenses 5: Poly Sunlens. Poly Sunlens is also called polarize. Normally, sunlight is radiated in all directions. When it hits an object, the light is redirected and reflected, forming two kinds of reflected light that vibrate horizontally and perpendicularly to the direction of light propagation. The former causes dazzling. The chaotic reflection of light, which is useless polarized light that affects the line of sight. Polaroid can eliminate glare from the side, making the glasses feel very comfortable and natural. Therefore, Polaroid lenses are widely used in fishing, driving, labor insurance, medical treatment, airplane driving and scientific research. Poly Sunlens are widely used in some high-end acetate sunglasses, metal sunglasses, titanium sunglasses, etc.

polarize lens

Polarize lens

At the same time, the eyewear lens can also be divided by material and by the curved surface processing, the types of lens by material will be introduced in other articles,types of lenses by the curved surface processing, Since this classification method is rarely used, it will not be introduced here.

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