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What should I do if my eyewear press my nose?

21-10-20 15:57:17    By Bestsea eyewear

Anyone who has worn eyewear knows that there will be dents on both sides of the bridge of the nose if you wear eyewear for a long time. Because any pair of eyewear will have weight. There are also many beauty lovers around us who often complain that their appearance is affected by their sunken nose. Of course, this only slightly affects the beauty of the appearance, and what is more serious is that wearing unsuitable eyewear will cause serious discomfort to the bridge of the nose and affect work and life. Especially with the popularity of Acetate eyewear frames,any people like to wear thick-rimmed eyewear, which will make this phenomenon more obvious. This article puts forward some views on this phenomenon,Bestsea eyewear manufacturer hoping to give a little help to those who encounter such troubles.

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What should I do if my eyewear press my nose? The most effective way is to wear a lighter frame. In terms of materials, metal eyewear frames and titanium eyewear frames can generally be made thinner and lighter, especially titanium eyewear frames. Titanium materials are one-third lighter than ordinary metals, and are stronger and tougher. It is a better choice. Of course, with the improvement of current technology, especially the maturity of hardened acetate technology, the current acetate eyewear can also be made very thin and light. In addition, in the low-end eyewear, TR90 eyewear are also a good choice.

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What should I do if my eyewear press my nose? Another very important factor is the nose pads of the eyewear. Be sure to choose soft nose pads, and the area should be as large as possible, so that the contact area with the nose will be larger. Under the premise of the same weight, the eyewear will naturally feel a lot more comfortable.

What should I do if my eyewear press my nose? Some people may wear eyewear all day except sleeping, it may be because they are busy at work, or they don't have the habit of protecting eyewear at all. Between work, we can use some small exercises that we can do at any time, such as pressing the sides of the bridge of the nose with the index finger and thumb. If we can persist, it will be very helpful for the adverse effects of the eyewear on the nose.

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In addition, some people will also suggest to have myopia surgery or wear contact lenses. But it is difficult to comment on this. For example, if myopia surgery is successful, it is of course a good choice. However, any surgery has certain risks, depending on whether it is suitable for you. And the cases of wearing contact lenses and forgetting to take them out often happen, so be careful. I hope that the above suggestions will help you, and can avoid or reduce the adverse effects of eyewear on your nose as much as possible.

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