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Why eyewear are easy to slip?

21-11-17 16:06:25    By Bestsea eyewear

We often see a lot of articles about how to choose eyewear that suit you. In my opinion, choosing the perfect eyewear should be clear, comfortable, long-lasting, beautiful and stable. Yes, the eyewear must be stable when worn on the face.These have little to do with what type of eyewear you use, such as the currently popular acetate eyewear, metal eyewear or titanium eyewear, it has a lot to do with the manufacturing process, quality, style of the eyewear, as well as the user's habits. If the eyewear are unstable, the eyewear will often slide down, which will cause many problems, especially myopia eyewear.

When matching eyewear in an optical shop, they will generally test your various data, power, interpupillary distance and astigmatism, etc. Its meaning is to make the eye see through the optical center point of the lens as much as possible, if the eye does not pass the optics Looking at the world from the center point will produce a prism effect, causing eye fatigue, which will increase the degree unknowingly and cause damage to the eyes.

If the eyewear often fall, it will cause the optical center point of the eyewear to deviate, then the eyewear must be adjusted or a new pair of correct eyewear must be bought. I hope the following suggestions will help you.eyewear fall

1.Frames must not only look at whether they are beautiful or not, but they must also be of the right size. If it is too large, it will be loose and easy to slide. If it is too small, it will be weak and easy to slide. If you don't choose the right eyewear at the beginning, it will become inevitable to fall behind, so the choice is very important! When trying on eyewear, you have to feel more about whether the wide and tight fits.

2. The eyewear can be worn steadily on the face, and there are 3 stress points:

The first point of stress is the nose pad. The function of the nose pads is to "bear weight" and let the "nose bridge bone" bear the main weight of the eyewear. If this point is not stressed, it will not be stable. Especially for people with high myopia, the lens is very heavy and cannot fit well on the bridge of the nose, "top-heavy" and easy to slide. The nose pads of the metal eyewear frames can be adjusted by yourself, and the stipules on both sides should be balanced as much as possible, and the angle should be adjusted according to the shape of your nose. The one-piece nose pad of the acetate eyewear frames cannot be adjusted. It is necessary to determine whether the entire pair of eyewear is deformed. When acetate eyewear frames is placed flat on the table, whether the four points of the circle and the temple are touching the table at the same time, and put it in reverse, whether the four points are touching the table at the same time. acetate eyewear must be adjusted by professionals.

the nose pad of metal eyewear

the nose pad of metal eyewear

placed flat on the table

put eyewear in reverse

put eyewear in reverse

The ears are hooked on the temples and tip. This force is also important to ensure that the eyewear will not move back and forth easily. Even if the bridge of the nose is not stressed, as long as the ear hook is stable enough, it can be worn when not exercising, but the comfort is relatively poor. So when choosing eyewear, according to the size of your head, the temple should not be too long or too short, just fine.

The temples clamp the face. This part mainly depends on the width of the eyewear frame. Too wide or too narrow will make the eyewear unstable and uncomfortable.

To be stable and comfortable, only the weight of the eyewear can be reasonably distributed to the three stress points. Knowing the 3 stress points, you will know how to adjust the eyewear frame when you encounter eyewear that are easy to slide. In fact, As eyewear factory,in my opinion, adjusting the eyewear frame is very simple, it is nothing more than strengthening the force of these three points. Regarding how to adjust the eyewear frame, it depends on where the specific problem lies. If you don't understand, it's best to find a professional to adjust it, so as not to damage the eyewear when adjusting the eyewear. 

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