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It is no small matter that eyewear slips easily

22-09-19 13:45:44    By Bestsea eyewear

We often see a lot of articles about how to choose the right eyewear for you. In my opinion, choosing the perfect eyewear should be clear, comfortable, durable, beautiful and stable. Yes, the glasses must be stable when worn on the face, if the glasses are unstable, the glasses will often slide down, which will cause a lot of problems, especially for myopia glasses. There are many types of glasses, such as Acetate Eyewear, Metal Eyewear, Titanium Eyewear, Horn Eyewear and Wooden glasses made of natural materials, etc. The characteristics of all kinds of glasses are not the same. When choosing glasses, you should choose according to your own characteristics. You can easily choose the glasses that suit you. But what should you do if you wear a pair of glasses for a long time and it is easy to slide down? How to adjust it?

eyewear slips

When matching glasses in an optical shop, they usually test your data, degree, interpupillary distance and astigmatism. Do not see the world through the optical center point, resulting in a prism effect, causing eye fatigue, thereby increasing the degree unknowingly, causing damage to the eyes.
If the glasses slide frequently, causing the optical center point of the glasses to deviate, you must adjust the glasses early, or buy a new pair of right glasses. The following suggestions, I hope to help you.
1. Frames can't just look good or not, fashion or not, but also have to be the right size. Too big will be too loose and slip easily. If it is too small, it will be weak and easy to slide down. If you don't choose the right glasses at the beginning, it will be inevitable to slip down later, so the choice is very important! When trying on glasses, you need to feel more whether the width and tightness are appropriate.
2. The glasses can be stably worn on the face, and there are 3 stress points:
1.The first point of force is the nose pads. The function of the nose pads is "load-bearing", and the main weight of the glasses is borne by the "bridge of the nose". If this point is not stressed, it cannot be stabilized. Especially for people with high myopia, the lens is heavy and cannot be well placed on the bridge of the nose, "top-heavy" and easy to slide down. The nose pads of the metal eyewear frame can be adjusted by yourself, the two-sided nose pad are as balanced as possible, and the angle is adjusted according to your own nose shape. The integrated nose pads of the Acetate eyewear cannot be adjusted. How can I see if the glasses are deformed? When laying the table flat, whether the four points of the frame and the temple touch the table at the same time, and if they are placed in reverse, whether the four points touch the table simultaneously. Generally speaking, acetate glasses must be adjusted by professionals.
2. The tip part can hook the ears. This force is also important to ensure that the glasses will not move back and forth easily. Even if the force on the bridge of the nose is not good, as long as the ear hook is stable enough, it can be worn during exercise, but the comfort is relatively poor. Therefore, when choosing glasses, according to the size of your head, the temple should not be too long or too short, just enough.
The tip part can hook the ears
install a non-slip sleeve
3. Temple clip face. This part mainly depends on the width of the frame. Too wide or too narrow can make the glasses unstable and uncomfortable. Different types of glasses have different adjustment methods. Generally speaking, as long as you have certain skills, such as acetate glasses, metal glasses and titanium glasses, but if it is horn glasses and wood glasses, you should not easily To adjust, it is easy to break, you must find a professional to adjust.
To be stable and comfortable, only the weight of the glasses can be reasonably distributed to 3 points of force. Knowing the 3 points of force, you will know how to adjust the frame when you encounter glasses that are easy to slide down. In fact, in my opinion, adjusting the frame is very simple, it is nothing more than strengthening the force of these three points. As for how to adjust the frame, it depends on where the specific problem is. If you don't understand it yourself, it's best to ask a professional to adjust it, so as not to break the glasses when adjusting them.

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