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Shenzhen is the main manufacturing base for high quality glasses

23-07-27 16:22:48    By Bestsea eyewear

Shenzhen is one of the five major eyewear industry bases in China. After nearly 40 years of development, the glasses industry has become a traditionally advantageous industry in Shenzhen, forming significant advantages such as large industrial scale, high-end product quality, high industrial agglomeration, and complete production facilities. Data shows that the annual production of Shenzhen's glasses industry reaches 125 million pairs accounting for about 50% of the world's high quality glasses production, with an annual output value of over 10 billion yuan. 50% of the world's top eyewear brands come from Shenzhen's eyewear production base, including world-renowned high-end brands such as Louis Vuitton, Armani, Gucci, and Cartier. The types of glasses produced also include acetate glasses, metal glasses, titanium glasses, as well as horn glasses, and wooden glasses made from natural materials.

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Shenzhen's eyewear companies are skilled in high-end eyewear frame processing, and nearly 90% of the high-end eyewear such as acetate frames, metal eyewear, and titanium eyeglasses produced are exported overseas. Good quality is the confidence that Shenzhen can undertake a large number of global brand glasses orders. If you want to become a supplier of first-line brands such as LV and Gucci, without top-level craftsmanship and quality, they will not give you opportunities to cooperate.
After nearly 40 years of development, Shenzhen Glasses has formed a complete industrial chain. In Shenzhen, no matter what type of glasses you make, you can find a one-stop supporting service. The glasses industry chain in Shenzhen has a very complete system, including the design of glasses, the production of glasses materials, the production of glasses accessories, the production of automation equipment, the development of smart glasses, and the manufacturing of glasses made of various materials.  These upstream and downstream enterprises have close cooperation, mutual exchange, and very high connection.
The structure of glasses may seem simple, but it is actually complex. The production and manufacturing of a  frame includes six major items: 1. mold opening 2. part production 3. molding 4. materials 5. decoration 6. Assembly, with hundreds of detailed processes. Not only does it pursue excellence, but its technology is also constantly improving and developing. The pursuit of quality and service has always been one of the reasons why Shenzhen's glasses industry base is different from other bases.
Jiabao Eyeglasses City
The eyewear industry in Shenzhen is mainly concentrated in Longgang. According to the relevant person in charge of the Longgang District Industry and Information Bureau, there are 16762 eyewear-related enterprises in Longgang District, ranking first in the China. Among them, there are 578 eyewear manufacturing enterprises, with not only concentrated industries but also highly specialized ones.
For example, Jinyu Plastic Plate Co., Ltd. and Jimei New Material Technology Co., Ltd. focus on the research and development of glasses material such as Cellulose acetate, and are the acetate material suppliers designated by many well-known eyewear brands around the world; Huanyu Precision Machinery specializes in providing precision accessories for glasses, occupying 60% of the global segmented market share. In addition to having a strong manufacturing industry chain in terms of Hard power, 90% of high-end eyewear designers in China are now concentrated in Longgang, Shenzhen, with more than 200 design practitioners and more than 20 professional design studios, which makes Shenzhen eyewear have the strength to do its part in the design.
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Glasses are not only functional products but also decorations. Excellent eyewear designers are the foundation of Shenzhen's ability to produce international brands of eyewear and are indispensable experts in preparation.
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Bestsea Eyewear is a professional eyewear manufacture that mainly provides OEM and ODM services to some high-end eyewear brands in Europe and America. Its main products include acetate glasses, metal glasses, titanium glasses, and buffalo horn glasses. Since its establishment in 2017, we have been focusing on the design and manufacturing of high-quality glasses. Our factory's goal is to be based in Shenzhen, focusing on manufacturing high-quality glasses and providing customers with high-quality services.


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