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Buffalo horn glasses material introduction

23-02-14 22:04:59    By Bestsea eyewear

Buffalo horn glasses are made of natural horn material, but do you know where these horns mainly come from? What colors and features do they have? We have many years of experience in the manufacture of horn eyewear, from the selection of materials to production, we have very rich experience in every process of horn glasses. In our other articles, we have mentioned the knowledge of the production process of horn eyewear. This article mainly Let's talk about the material of horn glasses.

buffalo horn material

The horn glasses materials are black, black and white, white, brown, light brown, dark brown and and other colors. The horn materials we see are all in plate, but the original horn is in the shape of a triangular cone, as shown in the figure below It is the yak horn from Tibet, China, which is generally used to make black horn eyewear.

These conical horns must first be made into horn plate. There are some factories that specialize in making these horn plate, and glasses factories generally buy materials from these horn plate factories. Generally speaking, the production process of horn plate is as follows:

1.Choose the right horn, and try to choose horns with thicker cuticles and no cracks.
2.Wash and clean the horns, clean the dirt on the surface and inside.
3. Cut the horn from the middle, heat it at a certain high temperature for a long time, and press it flat to make it straight.
4. Divide into pieces of a certain thickness, and then use a CNC machine or cutting machine to cut into plate.
5.Check the quality and remove low-quality plates with cracks.
After the above processes, a flat horn plate is produced. There are many colors of horn eyewear, such as the black, white, brown, etc., and horn plates of different colors can even be laminated together by lamination technology. Let's take a look at the colors of horn materials.
1.White yak horns. The production area of yak horn is relatively small, It is mainly distributed on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, and it is the horn on the top of the head of the yak unique to the plateau. The material of yak horn is rare and expensive, it generally has black and white, and the white yak horn is especially rare. Whether it is made into horn optical frame or horn sunglasses, it looks very high-end.
 white yak horn
2.Black buffalo horns. Black horns generally come from India and Africa or yak horns in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Most of the horns we use are yak horns. The toughness and strength of yak horns are better than other buffalo horns, but because they are rare, they are also more expensive. Horn eyewear made of black yak horn have unique textures, sometimes even bloodshot textures, highlighting the natural and noble texture.
 black buffalo horn
3.Milk white horn material. Most of the buffalo horn plate of this color come from India, and it is the lightest color among horn materials. It's pretty close to white, except for a bit of transparent with yellow. Only a few buffalo horn are available in this color, so it will cost a bit more compared to other buffalo horn colors.
 milk white horn material
4.Light brown horn material. This horn material comes from India and is the most common color in horn eyewear, with light brown stripes and a certain degree of transparency. It is somewhat similar to the striped material of acetate, but because the horn material is natural, the stripes of the light brown horn material are irregular, so the horn glasses made of it also have a unique texture. It can be said that each pair is unique. 
 light brown horn material
5.Brown horn. It is darker than light brown horn and less transparent. This color is very popular in horn glasses, as this color of buffalo horn has fewer black streaks than dark brown, but will be darker in color.
 brown horn plate
6.Dark brown horn plate. From India, it is the most common color in horn glasses. The dark brown horn is closer to black, but it has brown streaks and some transparency. Because it comes from nature, its texture changes naturally, giving each pair of glasses a different aesthetic.
 dark brown horn plate
7.Horn plate. The color of the horns is mostly white with yellowish color, the transparency is relatively good, and the texture of the horns is relatively thick. Sometimes you can find a lot of hair-filled substances inside, and many of them are blood-like. Horn is the same as buffalo horn, because they are all natural, they have natural texture, and the texture and color of each horn plate are different. Horn is also one of the commonly used materials for making horn eyewear. Since the horn material is widely distributed, its price is relatively low.
 horn plate for horn glasses
8.The above are some colors of horn frame glasses. Of course, it can use the same material combination process as acetate eyewear. That is to put horn plate of different colors together, which can be double or three layers. The picture below is a pair of double-layer horn glasses frame. In addition, the horn material can also be combined with other materials, such as wood on the surface, or combined with acetate plate. Of course, because the characteristics of horn materials are quite different from those of these materials, buffalo horn are harder and more brittle, so the requirements for the lamination process are higher, and the price of the lamination horn glasses is also more expensive.
 lamination horn optical glasses
The price of horn material itself is not particularly expensive, but the price of horn eyewear is often more expensive, because the process of buffalo horn eyewear is very complicated and difficult to make. The manufacturing process of horn glasses frame is much more complicated than acetate glasses, and the loss is relatively large. A piece of horn material is often only partly suitable for making horn frame glasses. After the horn plate is made, some unqualified materials such as cracks will be picked out, only perfect materials can made the horn eyewear. The production process of horn glasses frame is also very complicated, many processes are done by hand, and only skilled workers can do it well, so the price of buffalo horn glasses will be relatively expensive. A pair of high-end buffalo horn glasses is also a pair of exquisite crafts.

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