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15 horn glasses in different colors

23-03-28 12:23:09    By Bestsea eyewear

15 horn glasses in different colors:

1.Black horn glasses. Black horn is the most common color of horn material. It is mainly produced in India, Africa and the Tibetan Plateau, among which the Tibetan Plateau yak horn is the rarest. We use mostly yak horn, which is better in toughness and strength than buffalo horn in Africa, but because they are rare, they are more expensive. Black horn glasses, similar to black acetate glasses, the difference is that black horn glasses are lighter and have natural texture.
Black horn glasses with dual rivet
2.White yak horn rimmed glasses. The front frame of this pair of horn rimmed glasses is white yak horn, and the temples are black horn. White yak horn is produced in a relatively small area. It is mainly distributed on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It is the horn on the head of the unique yak on the plateau. White yak horn is very rare, so the price is very expensive. Its surface generally has the characteristic texture of the stratum corneum, and some are also mixed with some black.
Square white yak horn rimmed glasses
3.Dark brown horn frame glasses. The origin of dark brown ox horns is generally in India, with some darker colors approaching black, while lighter ones present a transparent dark brown. This color has a delicate texture, with natural bloodiness in some places. The natural texture can be clearly seen from the pictures.
Dark brown horn frame glasses
4.Brown-red horn frames glasses. Most of the horns of this color are produced in India and have a certain transparency. The blood-red horns are mixed with some faint bloodshot. The classic design of double rivets and the texture of natural horns are horn frames glasses with life and soul, worthy of your collection.
Brown-red horn frames glasses
5.Light brown striped sheep's horn glasses. This horn material comes from Asia and is one of the most common colors in horn glasses. It has light brown stripes and is relatively transparent. We can often see some light bloodshot inside, which is what natural horn materials have. Since the horn material is natural, its stripes are irregular, so the horn glasses made from it also have a unique texture, so each pair is unique.
6. Light brown striped horn-rimmed glasses. The next pair of horn glasses are made of nature horn. Horn color is mostly white yellow, good transparency, horn texture is thick, sometimes can be found in a lot of hair material, a lot of blood filaments. The horn is the same as the buffalo horn, because they are natural, they all have a natural texture, and the texture and color of each piece of the horn plate are different.
7.Black and white striped horn rimmed sunglasses. Horn rimmed sunglasses made of black yak horn have unique textures, sometimes even bloodshot textures, highlighting the noble texture of nature. Now there are a lot of acetate glasses that imitate horns, but their textures are regular, not like the texture and color of natural horn glasses, each pair is unique, and you can’t find another pair of exactly the same color and texture of horn glasses in the world.
Black and white striped horn rimmed sunglasses
8. Black and brown horn glasses. The natural horn material comes from India. The perfect gradient blend of dark brown and light brown, and the metal accessories add a metallic texture. It is a rare pair of horn glasses.
Black and brown horn glasses
9.Light yellow horn sunglasses with b-titanium temples. The horn in this color comes from India and is one of the most common colors in horn glasses. Since the horn front frame is hard, there is no elasticity, and the Beta titanium temples with super elastic characteristics perfectly absorb the pressure from the front frame, making it more comfortable to wear. Slim frame, light weight and comfort are some of the features of this horn sunglasses.
Light yellow horn sunglasses with b-titanium temples
10.Horn frame glasses with black top and red bottom. The upper half of this pair of square-frame horn frame glasses is close to black, and gradually transitions to transparent blood red. The horn material of this color is produced in India, and it is very rare. Only a very small number of horns have this color, which can be a treasure among horn frame glasses.
Horn frame glasses with black top and red bottom
11. Two-tone lamination horn glasses. This pair of horn glasses have a black striped horn on the outside and a milky horn on the inside, perfectly combined by advanced lamination technology. Sui round frame, rich color, natural texture, comfortable wearing experience, this is a unique horn glasses.
Two-tone lamination horn glasses
12. Laminated horn glasses. The following pair of horn glasses, square frame, bright colors, very fashionable. Its surface layer is dark brown striped horn, while the inner layer is milky white Qinghai-Tibet plateau horn. Dedicated German OBE Spring hinge, very comfortable to wear.
Laminated horn glasses
13. Horn rimmed glasses in new colors through special processing. Below is handmade horn glasses with dark brown stripes. The top half of the frame is polished and the bottom half is frosted and polished. The surface of the glasses is carefully and evenly rubbed by small wooden wheels that are transferred at high speeds, and must be handled entirely by hand.
Horn rimmed glasses in new colors through special processing
14. Round horn glasses with different colors of horn materials combined up and down. We know that horn materials of different colors can be perfectly combined through advanced lamination technology, but the pair of round horn glasses below are combined through embedded technology. The excellent elastic Beta titanium temples bring a comfortable wearing experience to this pair of glasses.
Round horn glasses with different colors
15.Retro horn glasses with white and black horns. As you can see from the picture, retro horn glasses with double rivets , most of the frame is white, while the bottom left corner and inside are black. In fact, they come from two completely different horn materials, the white one is the yak horn of the Tibetan Plateau, and the black one is the buffalo horn of Africa, which is perfectly combined through advanced lamination technology.
Retro horn glasses with white and black horns


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