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Buffalo horn glasses using instructions

23-04-21 17:35:20    By Bestsea eyewear

 Buffalo horn glasses have a long history and are still popular with many glasses wearers today. The horn is a kind of natural material, and high quality horn is very rare, the manufacturing process of buffalo horn glasses is complicated, so it belong to a niche product, not every optical store can sell. Here you will learn more about the maintenance of horn glasses, the use of horn glasses, the lens of horn glasses, and more.

Below picture is a pair of horn rimmed glasses, matching with flexible beta titanium temples.

a pair of horn rimmed glasses with flexible beta titanium temples

Horn is a natural and unique material, hard and fragile, it is completely different with the current popular plastic, acetate, metal. If the optician in glasses shop have no more experience in the horn material using, it is possible to cause the horn glasses broken, however, the horn glasses are so expensive, so you have to learn more about maintaining of horn glasses, to keep them with you for a long time.
Because of its characteristic, horn glasses is hard and not easy to adjust, brittle and easy broken, but even with these disadvantages, they are still one of the most comfortable eyeglasses. The horn is much more lighter than most of other materials, it is only half weight of the acetate, its warm texture and unique grain are not found in other artificial eyeglass material, so this skin-friendly and light allergic horn eyeglass is still one of popular eyeglass. A high-end handmade horn frame will be your exclusive glasses, and worth your collection of art.
Below picture is a white buffalo horn glasses, matching with flexible stainless steel temple, and soft rubber temple tip.
white buffalo horn glasses with flexible stainless steel temple and soft rubber temple tip
You’ve spent a lot of money on your favorite horn eyeglass, you would expect that they’ll last as long as possible, however, as long as the glasses are in normal use, they also have a lifespan. therefore, the topic of horn eyeglasses maintenance is worth to investigate. What kind of care do the natural horn glasses need? 
A horn is a kind of stratum corneum with fine pores in it, as the skin of human being, it need to be moisturized regularly, our suggestion is that every 2 or 3 weeks, you can use your fingers to apply a thin layer baby cream on it, then put it in eyeglass case, the baby cream would be absorbed slowly into the horn material, when you clean slightly it with special microfiber mirror cloth 10 hour later, you will find it bright as new and full of life activities.
In daily using, if it was dirty, you can wash it in clean tap-water, then quickly dry it with a soft special eyeglasses cloth. Remember not to use paper and rough cloth to wipe, this would damage the surface of horn glasses. If you understand above two points, you would find that taking care of horn glasses is absolutely simple, but you must to persevere, same as taking care of your own skin , your careful maintenance, is the love for it, will make it feel, so that every moment is fresh and shining as new.
Below picture is a pair of horn glasses, matching classic double-rivet hinges, and flexible beta titanium arched bridge.
horn glasses with double-rivet hinges and flexible beta titanium arched bridge
A pair of horn glasses, at the beginning of the surface is warm and shiny, but long time using will make its surface lose luster, at this time you can go to a professional store, the professional optician knows how to polish the surface of frame, even polish it with tumbling, the retread frame would be as shiny as new.
Maybe you may wonder, since the material of horn is very hard and fragile, what if the horn glasses have been used for a long time, and become deformation? Don’t force to adjust it in this time, it is likely to lead horn frame damage, or even broken. In this case, we suggest to find a professional optician, and the optician should have extensive experience with horn glasses and its materials. The horn glasses frame should be heated very slowly after the lens removed, it must be very patience during this process, so that every part of the glasses is heated evenly, and then it’s possible to do the slight adjustment to reset it to its most comfortable state, then you can use it with confidence after let it cool and set.
Below picture is a pair of black buffalo horn Sunglasses, matching classic double spring hinge.
buffalo horn Sunglasses matching classic double spring hinge
Let's talk a little bit more about the lens of horn glasses here. What kind of lens is suitable for using on horn frames? Mr. Zhang from our factory is 65 years old and has more than 30 years of experience in producing horn glasses. He knows very well the characteristics of horn materials. He told me that, first, thinner lenses should be selected; second, the curvature of the lens should be consistent with that of the frame. If the lens is not in the same arc as the horn frame, it will cause stresses. Although these stresses will not cause the frame to crack immediately, over time it may cause cracks and deformation. Thinner lenses create less stress and are lighter and more comfortable to wear.
Below picture is a light brown horn rimmed glasses, there is unique grain, warm and humid hand feeling and with exclusive OBE spring hinge. 
light brown horn rimmed glasses with obe spring hinge
Traditional polishing method is used to create the horn glasses smooth and fine, yellow horn frame is translucent , with comfortable hand feeling, color and lustre wetness, each horn have more or less black and bloody color inside, and the black temple made with buffalo horn, very moist and the texture is relatively loose, holding in the hand or under the light can see the natural texture, It's black and the reflection is soft and bright. the horn have lots of colors, such as milk white, white horn, etc., because every cattle grows in a different environment, even if the same horn, taken from different parts of the horn, its color and texture are different, so each pair of horn glasses are unique, you will not find another pair of horn glasses with the same color and texture in the world.
Below picture is a pair of half frame horn glasses in brown.
a pair of half rimless horn glasses in brown
It is worth us to repeat here , all our horn material is coming from domesticated animals, not from wild cattle. Cattle have always been one of most domesticated animals for human beings, and horn is just a byproduct of animal husbandry, only from old age and natural death, select best horn suitable for producing the horn glasses frames, and take the best part to produce the horn glasses.
Below picture is the cut horn, it need to be laminated and oiled, and other processes to make horn plate, after that we can use it to produce horn glasses. 
cut horn make horn plate
There's a lot more knowledge about buffalo horn glasses, such as the producing of horn glasses, why the horn glasses are so expensive, the materials of horn glasses and so on, which are described in detail in our other articles . The content of this article is hoped to help you more.


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